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(edit) @13558   10 years gz From trunk: export WATCH/UNWATCH (r13556)
(edit) @13547   10 years gz From trunk: heap-ivector-utilization (r13533)
(edit) @13528   10 years gz From trunk: default allow-constant-redefinition (r13513)
(edit) @13510   10 years gz From trunk: bivalent vector streams (r13454 et. al.)
(edit) @13508   10 years gz From trunk: r13368 (stream-line-length, error message printing tweak)
(edit) @13505   10 years gz From trunk, misc tweaks and small fixes: r13366 r13371 r13470 r13437
(edit) @13502   10 years gz From trunk: formatting tweaks, non-linux changes, doc and error …
(edit) @13467   10 years gz In heap-utilization-by-class, use the class of the function, not the …
(edit) @13442   10 years gz New file, compute heap utilization in core files based on dominance …
(edit) @13440   10 years gz report-heap-utilization: don't crash if no data
(edit) @13435   10 years gz heap-utilization: add threshold arg; tweak how slot vectors are described
(edit) @13363   11 years gz defstruct fixes from trunk (r13344/r13358)
(edit) @13339   11 years gz New CL:RANDOM implementation from trunk
(edit) @13302   11 years gz From trunk: interactive source-location tweaks (r13193, r13201)
(edit) @13236   11 years gz Fix error message in defmethod
(edit) @13235   11 years gz r13225 from trunk (fix for execute permission when prepending symbols)
(edit) @13208   11 years gz Added a new function GET-ALLOCATION-SENTINEL and a new :START arg to …
(edit) @13202   11 years gz Test for bad lambda list in defmethod
(edit) @13198   11 years gz Fix for scanning ~@:
(edit) @13192   11 years gz warn about too many arguments in format strings (r13187)
(edit) @13179   11 years gz heap-utilization extensions (trunk r13174)
(edit) @13142   11 years gz Merge r13109 (close-ioblock-streams fix)
(edit) @13140   11 years gz Merge r13103 (setf values fix)
(edit) @13093   11 years gz r13080 from trunk (dolist that obeys e.g. inline decls in result clause)
(edit) @13070   11 years gz r13066, r13067 from trunk: copyrights etc
(edit) @13068   11 years gz Facilities for examining core files (linuxx8664-only)
(edit) @13043   11 years gz More WATCH updates from trunk (r13011-r13019, r13022, r13028)
(edit) @13009   11 years gz Watchpoint changes from trunk (r13001 to r13008)
(edit) @12998   11 years gz Merge complete, update version numbers and binaries
(edit) @12996   11 years gz in dolist, combine all special decls
(edit) @12994   11 years gz Merge watchpoints from trunk
(edit) @12980   11 years gz Hoist special declarations (only) to the return clause of dolist if any
(edit) @12959   11 years gz distinguish between standard and initial readtables (r12497, r12889)
(edit) @12958   11 years gz Bind more printer controls in with-standard-io-syntax (r12429)
(edit) @12957   11 years gz windows (r12524)
(edit) @12956   11 years gz windows (r12449)
(edit) @12955   11 years gz Add this unused file, because I'm tired of seeing it in diffs
(edit) @12954   11 years gz remove sanity check for old slime version
(edit) @12953   11 years gz pathname-device fix (r12431)
(edit) @12952   11 years gz fasdumping macptr-typed constants (r12922, r12926)
(edit) @12951   11 years gz Fix for compile-time handling of local macros/declarations (r12709)
(edit) @12950   11 years gz fixes for slots with non-standard allocation …
(edit) @12949   11 years gz cleanup of function inspectors and disassembly (r12650, r12682, …
(edit) @12948   11 years gz Smarter svn update (r12896)
(edit) @12947   11 years gz Don't accept integers as character designators (r12764)
(edit) @12946   11 years gz Don't try to show args and locals for non-function frames (r12835)
(edit) @12945   11 years gz *ccl-save-source-locations* (r12664, r12634)
(edit) @12943   11 years gz arg-names-from-map: don't crash if lfun is nil (r12661)
(edit) @12942   11 years gz Stop showing duplicates in apropos (from r12562)
(edit) @12941   11 years gz Merge some irrelevant (other platforms, unused) trunk changes
(edit) @12935   11 years gz in report-heap-utilization, check for 0 conses
(edit) @12893   11 years gz Add a percentage column to heap-utilization output
(edit) @12712   11 years gz r12710 from trunk (heap-utilization improvements)
(edit) @12694   11 years gz Merge r12579 r12590 r12591 r12594 r12600 from trunk - defcallback …
(edit) @12585   11 years gz more extensive compile-time checking involving methods/gfs: warn about …
(edit) @12534   11 years gz Make parse-macro bind &whole/&environment vars normally, so can tell …
(edit) @12515   11 years gz ftypes - r12467/r12500/r12512/r12514 from trunk
(edit) @12416   11 years gz Oops, missing comman in name-of(method)
(edit) @12415   11 years gz Add CCL:TEMP-PATHNAME
(edit) @12414   11 years gz Add a name-of method for eql-specializer
(edit) @12412   11 years gz Remove obsolete bootstrapping code
(edit) @12410   11 years gz r12361-r12403 from trunk - a few bug fixes, new japanese character …
(edit) @12408   11 years gz Some changes in support of Slime: Implement …
(edit) @12360   11 years gz r12353 from trunk
(edit) @12346   11 years gz Use the .image image name convention (r11018 from trunk)
(edit) @12343   11 years gz Since everything is compatible now, change various version numbers to …
(edit) @12339   11 years gz Merge source location and code coverage implementation from the trunk. …
(edit) @12304   11 years gz r12259 from trunk
(edit) @12301   11 years gz Merge r12276 r12292 r12297 from trunk, plus some mods for other platforms
(edit) @12252   11 years gz Merge r11997 r12139 from trunk
(edit) @12250   11 years gz Merge exports from trunk
(edit) @12249   11 years gz r11979 r11983 r12130 r12138 r12167 from trunk
(edit) @12248   11 years gz r11996 from trunk
(edit) @12247   11 years gz r11868 r12100 r12102 r12112 from trunk
(edit) @12246   11 years gz r11545 and r12132 from trunk
(edit) @12245   11 years gz r11422 from trunk
(edit) @12244   11 years gz other-platform changes from trunk, for smaller diffs
(edit) @12242   11 years gz r11384 r11391 r11586 r12037 from trunk
(edit) @12236   11 years gz r11901 from trunk
(edit) @12213   11 years gz Merge r11483 r11817 r11979 r11980 r12166 from trunk
(edit) @12212   11 years gz Merge r11929-11930 from trunk
(edit) @12198   11 years gz Merge with trunk kernel (and a few compiler changes to match): a few …
(edit) @12192   11 years gz In caller-functions, don't ignore self, but do ignore the lfun-name …
(edit) @12191   11 years gz Avoid compiler warnings in advise
(edit) @12190   11 years gz in print-call-history, don't bind *debug-io* to what might be an …
(edit) @12158   11 years gz Try to arrange it so that calling structure slot readers doesn't cause …
(edit) @12154   11 years gz allow compound type specifiers as declarations identifiers. …
(edit) @12092   11 years gz Public interface to populations
(edit) @12091   11 years gz Merge r12090 from trunk
(edit) @12079   11 years gz fix for level-0 source info
(edit) @12067   11 years gz Better fix for bug #474: make %find-register-argument-value stop …
(edit) @12066   11 years gz bug #474: In %find-register-argument-value, if the function normally …
(edit) @12050   11 years gz Tighten up proclaim/declaim error checking, both runtime and compile time
(edit) @12048   11 years gz r11876/r12026/r12045 from trunk
(edit) @11961   11 years greg merge r11813 from trunk (fix typo in format control string)
(edit) @11836   11 years gz Typecheck new bindings in nx1-env-body, if nx-declarations-typecheck …
(edit) @11834   11 years gz Assorted tweaks for declaration checking
(edit) @11833   11 years gz Change dolist to not bind the iteration var to nil, so that …
(edit) @11821   11 years gz Make sure standard optimize settings are in effect when relying on …
(edit) @11820   11 years gz Fix some declarations
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