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(edit) @13547   10 years gz From trunk: heap-ivector-utilization (r13533)
(edit) @13510   10 years gz From trunk: bivalent vector streams (r13454 et. al.)
(edit) @13502   10 years gz From trunk: formatting tweaks, non-linux changes, doc and error …
(edit) @13467   10 years gz In heap-utilization-by-class, use the class of the function, not the …
(edit) @13440   10 years gz report-heap-utilization: don't crash if no data
(edit) @13435   10 years gz heap-utilization: add threshold arg; tweak how slot vectors are described
(edit) @13208   10 years gz Added a new function GET-ALLOCATION-SENTINEL and a new :START arg to …
(edit) @13179   10 years gz heap-utilization extensions (trunk r13174)
(edit) @13070   10 years gz r13066, r13067 from trunk: copyrights etc
(edit) @13043   10 years gz More WATCH updates from trunk (r13011-r13019, r13022, r13028)
(edit) @13009   10 years gz Watchpoint changes from trunk (r13001 to r13008)
(edit) @12994   10 years gz Merge watchpoints from trunk
(edit) @12949   10 years gz cleanup of function inspectors and disassembly (r12650, r12682, …
(edit) @12935   10 years gz in report-heap-utilization, check for 0 conses
(edit) @12893   10 years gz Add a percentage column to heap-utilization output
(edit) @12712   10 years gz r12710 from trunk (heap-utilization improvements)
(edit) @12247   10 years gz r11868 r12100 r12102 r12112 from trunk
(edit) @12198   10 years gz Merge with trunk kernel (and a few compiler changes to match): a few …
(edit) @12092   10 years gz Public interface to populations
(edit) @11089   11 years gz Merge/bootstrap assorted low level stuff from trunk - kernel, syscall …
(edit) @10938   11 years gz Extend the mechanism used for keeping track of definitions (previously …
(edit) @9928   11 years gz r8227-r8230 from trunk (static cons support)
(edit) @9152   12 years gz Add svn hacking fns from trunk, and propagate r9151 from trunk
(edit) @8421   12 years wws Marco's source-tracking-0801 branch passes tests on the customer …
(edit) @7954   12 years gb Time-reporting changes.
(edit) @7652   12 years gb Implement REPORT-HEAP-UTILIZATION for PPC, too.
(edit) @7624   12 years gb Merge changes form working-0710 branch.
(copy) @7620   12 years gb Copy from trunk
copied from trunk/ccl/lib/misc.lisp:
(edit) @7278   12 years gb Try to use "svnversion" to get svn version info in LOCAL-SVN-REVISION.
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