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(edit) @12944   10 years gz make read-toplevel-form call read-recording-source, take keyword args …
(edit) @12928   10 years gz Add a sanity check in configure-egc
(edit) @12799   10 years gz merge r12798 from trunk
(edit) @12752   10 years gz Fix typo in check-deferred-call-args
(edit) @12588   10 years gz in encode-lambda-list, don't return a vector if no &key, and test for …
(edit) @12587   10 years gz fix some logic errors in previous checkin
(edit) @12585   10 years gz more extensive compile-time checking involving methods/gfs: warn about …
(edit) @12552   10 years gz r12550 from trunk (macroexpand-all fix)
(edit) @12515   10 years gz ftypes - r12467/r12500/r12512/r12514 from trunk
(edit) @12415   10 years gz Add CCL:TEMP-PATHNAME
(edit) @12413   10 years gz add a :stream-args argument to accept-connection, for one-time …
(edit) @12410   10 years gz r12361-r12403 from trunk - a few bug fixes, new japanese character …
(edit) @12408   10 years gz Some changes in support of Slime: Implement …
(edit) @12347   10 years gz Change default *save-source-locations* from nil to :no-text
(edit) @12343   10 years gz Since everything is compatible now, change various version numbers to …
(edit) @12339   10 years gz Merge source location and code coverage implementation from the trunk. …
(edit) @12309   10 years gz Missed windows change
(edit) @12307   10 years gz r12260 from trunk (asdf/provide integration)
(edit) @12306   10 years gz r12189 from trunk (contrib directory)
(edit) @12305   10 years gz change :sharing :private semantics (r12240 from trunk)
(edit) @12301   10 years gz Merge r12276 r12292 r12297 from trunk, plus some mods for other platforms
(edit) @12249   10 years gz r11979 r11983 r12130 r12138 r12167 from trunk
(edit) @12242   10 years gz r11384 r11391 r11586 r12037 from trunk
(edit) @12238   10 years gz r11988 from trunk
(edit) @12236   10 years gz r11901 from trunk
(edit) @12225   10 years gz r11827 and r12111 from trunk
(edit) @12224   10 years gz r11757 from trunk
(edit) @12223   10 years gz r11464 from trunk: no error in print-object when instance class not …
(edit) @12216   10 years gz Fix fencepost in stream-position(string-input-stream)
(edit) @12213   10 years gz Merge r11483 r11817 r11979 r11980 r12166 from trunk
(edit) @12212   10 years gz Merge r11929-11930 from trunk
(edit) @12211   10 years gz Merge from trunk: r11280 r11309 r11440 r11448 r11516 r11759 r11816
(edit) @12208   10 years gz r11594/r11963/r12119 from trunk
(edit) @12204   10 years gz r11744 from trunk
(edit) @12203   10 years gz r12089 r12105 r12165 from trunk
(edit) @12202   10 years gz r11465 r11676 r11859 r11989 r12010 from trunk
(edit) @12198   10 years gz Merge with trunk kernel (and a few compiler changes to match): a few …
(edit) @12186   10 years gz Add standard io vars to check-error-globals; make …
(edit) @12160   10 years gz Missed one
(edit) @12159   10 years gz Do not warn about undefined types in runtime calls to PROCLAIM, since …
(edit) @12158   10 years gz Try to arrange it so that calling structure slot readers doesn't cause …
(edit) @12154   10 years gz allow compound type specifiers as declarations identifiers. …
(edit) @12114   10 years gz When merging warnings, remember source notes of all references
(edit) @12091   10 years gz Merge r12090 from trunk
(edit) @12082   10 years gz Add an :error-handler keyword arg to cl:quit
(edit) @12081   10 years gz Fix no-arg case of BREAK in batch mode
(edit) @12079   10 years gz fix for level-0 source info
(edit) @12077   10 years gz r11869 from trunk: type-error constants for more vector types
(edit) @12052   10 years gz More undefined function warnings (trunk r12033/r12034/r12035/r12036)
(edit) @12050   10 years gz Tighten up proclaim/declaim error checking, both runtime and compile time
(edit) @12048   10 years gz r11876/r12026/r12045 from trunk
(edit) @12032   10 years gz map to simple-program-error
(edit) @12030   10 years gz r12026 from trunk
(edit) @12015   10 years gz Merge r11999 from trunk
(edit) @11947   11 years gz Signal a lisp condition rather than dropping into the kernel debugger …
(edit) @11836   11 years gz Typecheck new bindings in nx1-env-body, if nx-declarations-typecheck …
(edit) @11834   11 years gz Assorted tweaks for declaration checking
(edit) @11832   11 years gz Another declaration tweak
(edit) @11821   11 years gz Make sure standard optimize settings are in effect when relying on …
(edit) @11812   11 years gz Default *record-pc-mapping* to T, so turning on …
(edit) @11811   11 years gz don't show duplicates in the various use-homonym restarts
(edit) @11810   11 years gz Fix bad format (or warn etc.) calls found by the format string scanner
(edit) @11807   11 years gz r11805/r11806 from trunk
(edit) @11804   11 years gz If *toplevel-commands-dwim* is true, don't enter the debugger for …
(edit) @11786   11 years gz fix typo
(edit) @11779   11 years gz r11760 from trunk
(edit) @11778   11 years gz r11758 from trunk
(edit) @11777   11 years gz r11756 from trunk
(edit) @11773   11 years gz r11738 from trunk
(edit) @11771   11 years gz r11715 from trunk
(edit) @11764   11 years gz Reset *loading-file-source-file* and *loading-toplevel-location* to …
(edit) @11751   11 years gz Make break-loop do with-terminal-input so callers don't have to
(edit) @11736   11 years gz r11673 from trunk (fix bug#321)
(edit) @11730   11 years gz In select-interactive-abort-process, guard against inactive processes
(edit) @11701   11 years gz Merge back some of the source location changes made in the trunk (in …
(edit) @11680   11 years gz r11664-r11666 from trunk
(edit) @11660   11 years gz Make print-call-history and backtrace-as-list support a :process …
(edit) @11655   11 years gz r11625 from trunk
(edit) @11654   11 years gz r11626 from trunk
(edit) @11653   11 years gz r11627-r11628 from trunk
(edit) @11651   11 years gz r11629 from trunk
(edit) @11650   11 years gz r11639 from trunk
(edit) @11648   11 years gz merge r11646 from trunk
(edit) @11598   11 years gz Defer merging file deferred-warnings/defs into parent compilation unit …
(edit) @11583   11 years gz Propagate r11546 from trunk
(edit) @11511   11 years gz coerce type error fix (from trunk r11491)
(edit) @11502   11 years gz Defer installing defs until file compilation is done, so can restart …
(edit) @11499   11 years gz Make the signum arg to *quit-interrupt-hook* optional
(edit) @11498   11 years gz Pass the signal number through to user handlers, use it to exit by …
(edit) @11495   11 years gz Extend CCL:QUIT to accept a function to be used in place of #exit to …
(edit) @11482   11 years gz r11450 from trunk: *quit-interrupt-hook*
(edit) @11479   11 years gz Fix for default-initargs of NIL being ignored in optimized …
(edit) @11416   11 years gz Fix in %make-output-stream from trunk r11288
(edit) @11412   11 years gz from trunk, assorted changes for other platforms
(edit) @11411   11 years gz r11281 from trunk
(edit) @11410   11 years gz undo make-instance optimizations when class slots change and when …
(edit) @11400   11 years gz Don't do make-instance optimization if there are any specialized …
(edit) @11365   11 years gz Keep track of reader methods that have been snapped and unsnap them …
(edit) @11351   11 years gz method combination fixes (r11347, r11349)
(edit) @11279   11 years gz Backport compiler source location changes from trunk, mostly reorg and …
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