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(edit) @12588   11 years gz in encode-lambda-list, don't return a vector if no &key, and test for …
(edit) @12587   11 years gz fix some logic errors in previous checkin
(edit) @12585   11 years gz more extensive compile-time checking involving methods/gfs: warn about …
(edit) @12552   11 years gz r12550 from trunk (macroexpand-all fix)
(edit) @12408   11 years gz Some changes in support of Slime: Implement …
(edit) @12236   11 years gz r11901 from trunk
(edit) @12082   11 years gz Add an :error-handler keyword arg to cl:quit
(edit) @12050   11 years gz Tighten up proclaim/declaim error checking, both runtime and compile time
(edit) @12048   11 years gz r11876/r12026/r12045 from trunk
(edit) @11786   12 years gz fix typo
(edit) @11502   12 years gz Defer installing defs until file compilation is done, so can restart …
(edit) @11495   12 years gz Extend CCL:QUIT to accept a function to be used in place of #exit to …
(edit) @11101   12 years gz Another round of changes from the trunk, mostly just mods in internal …
(edit) @11042   12 years gz Fix a typo in dup definition code (r11040 from trunk)
(edit) @10938   12 years gz Extend the mechanism used for keeping track of definitions (previously …
(edit) @9578   12 years gb propagate changes from working-0711-perf branch
(edit) @9558   12 years mb Teach macroexpand-all about (let (p) ...)
(edit) @9172   12 years mb Make macroexpand-all deal with more special operators
(edit) @8936   13 years mb Addedd ccl:macroexpand-all
(edit) @8781   13 years gb Split NOTE-FUNCTION-INFO into a lower-level part (that deals with …
(edit) @8771   13 years gb revert to earlier versions
(edit) @8768   13 years gb Split RECORD-FUNCTION-INFO off from NOTE-FUNCTION-INFO, so that (a) we …
(edit) @8675   13 years gb NOTE-FUNCTION-INFO: encode the lambda-list, not the lambda-expression.
(copy) @7620   13 years gb Copy from trunk
copied from trunk/ccl/level-1/l1-readloop.lisp:
(edit) @6018   14 years gb OPEN-FILE-STREAMS is a function, returns a copy of a list of open file …
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