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(edit) @12944   11 years gz make read-toplevel-form call read-recording-source, take keyword args …
(edit) @12410   11 years gz r12361-r12403 from trunk - a few bug fixes, new japanese character …
(edit) @12408   11 years gz Some changes in support of Slime: Implement …
(edit) @12236   11 years gz r11901 from trunk
(edit) @12208   11 years gz r11594/r11963/r12119 from trunk
(edit) @12091   11 years gz Merge r12090 from trunk
(edit) @12081   11 years gz Fix no-arg case of BREAK in batch mode
(edit) @11804   11 years gz If *toplevel-commands-dwim* is true, don't enter the debugger for …
(edit) @11751   11 years gz Make break-loop do with-terminal-input so callers don't have to
(edit) @11101   12 years gz Another round of changes from the trunk, mostly just mods in internal …
(edit) @9726   12 years mb Minor reformating of previous commit's output
(edit) @9725   12 years mb Make sure printed list of restarts reflects currently available …
(edit) @9602   12 years gz toplevel command/inspector tweaks: - Export ccl::@ - add …
(edit) @9582   12 years gz Add *show-restarts-on-break*
(edit) @9357   12 years mb Rollback r9356
(edit) @9356   12 years mb Add find-definition-of-thing. This funtion will attempt to return the …
(edit) @8682   12 years gz add :a as synonym for :pop and :c as a synonym for :go
(edit) @8283   13 years gb IGNORE-ERRORS in ABNORMAL-APPLICATION-EXIT.
(edit) @8063   13 years gb FORCE-OUTPUT to *DEBUG-IO* after backtrace in ABNORMAL-PROGRAM-EXIT.
(edit) @8035   13 years gb Break-loop commands for :apply-in-frame, :return-from-frame.
(edit) @7788   13 years gb Port batch-quit stuff from working-0710 branch.
(edit) @7731   13 years gb BREAK: exit if *bactch-flag*.
(edit) @7624   13 years gb Merge changes form working-0710 branch.
(copy) @7620   13 years gb Copy from trunk
copied from trunk/ccl/level-1/l1-readloop-lds.lisp:
(edit) @7225   13 years gb Observe *BACKTRACE-PRINT-LEVEL*, -LENGTH* when printing break messages.
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