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(edit) @12585   11 years gz more extensive compile-time checking involving methods/gfs: warn about …
(edit) @12408   11 years gz Some changes in support of Slime: Implement …
(edit) @12186   11 years gz Add standard io vars to check-error-globals; make …
(edit) @12114   11 years gz When merging warnings, remember source notes of all references
(edit) @12077   11 years gz r11869 from trunk: type-error constants for more vector types
(edit) @12048   11 years gz r11876/r12026/r12045 from trunk
(edit) @12032   11 years gz map to simple-program-error
(edit) @11947   11 years gz Signal a lisp condition rather than dropping into the kernel debugger …
(edit) @11811   12 years gz don't show duplicates in the various use-homonym restarts
(edit) @11810   12 years gz Fix bad format (or warn etc.) calls found by the format string scanner
(edit) @11736   12 years gz r11673 from trunk (fix bug#321)
(edit) @11701   12 years gz Merge back some of the source location changes made in the trunk (in …
(edit) @11680   12 years gz r11664-r11666 from trunk
(edit) @11511   12 years gz coerce type error fix (from trunk r11491)
(edit) @11101   12 years gz Another round of changes from the trunk, mostly just mods in internal …
(edit) @10533   12 years gb Print invalid arg counts using ~P. Add %CHECK-TYPE (called from …
(edit) @9854   12 years gb Define the SERIOUS-CONDITION EXTERNAL-PROCESS-CREATION-FAILURE. Add …
(edit) @9578   12 years gb propagate changes from working-0711-perf branch
(edit) @9467   12 years mb Make define-condition's slot argument required (as per the hyperspec)
(edit) @8853   13 years gz More detailed error messages for class forward references, make-condition
(edit) @8814   13 years gz Fix in find-unique-homonyms
(edit) @8777   13 years mb Make USE-HOMONYM restart deal with functions whose names are lists and …
(edit) @8611   13 years hans Merge the recent stream timeout and deadline changes from CCL trunk to …
(edit) @8020   13 years gb ARITHMETIC-ERROR has "status" slot.
(edit) @7890   13 years gb Get 3d array right in %TYPE-ERROR-TYPESPECS%.
(edit) @7728   13 years gb COMPILER-BUG condition.
(edit) @7624   13 years gb Merge changes form working-0710 branch.
(copy) @7620   13 years gb Copy from trunk
copied from trunk/ccl/level-1/l1-error-system.lisp:
(edit) @7126   13 years gz Add a restart for unbound variable/undefined function errors -- if …
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