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(edit) @9304   12 years gb SEM_WAIT for Windows: WaitForSingleObject?, not WaitOn?
(edit) @9298   12 years gb Note beginning, end of spentry, subprims code (for "real" …
(edit) @9297   12 years gb Call tcr_cleanup() with the tcr as argument.
(edit) @9296   12 years gb Try to ensure that windows exception handler (mostly) runs on C stack, …
(edit) @9295   12 years gb Try to suppress some compiler warnings.
(edit) @9294   12 years gb Lose a few unused variables.
(edit) @9293   12 years gb Add parens to suppress compiler warning.
(edit) @9292   12 years gb use _beginthreadex(), which allegedly avoids some memory leaks in the …
(edit) @9291   12 years gb restore_win64_context(), windows_switch_to_foreign_stack().
(edit) @9290   12 years gb Define win64_context struct layout.
(edit) @9289   12 years gb Add some parens.
(edit) @9281   12 years gb Try to suppress some compiler warnings. Approximate initial stack …
(edit) @9280   12 years gb Add a few more missing prototypes.
(edit) @9279   12 years gb Suppress some compiler warnings, maybe.
(edit) @9278   12 years gb #include <process.h> on Windows.
(edit) @9277   12 years gb stat fails on windows when pathname has trailing (forward or backward) …
(edit) @9276   12 years gb Canonicalize pathname for Windows in HEAP-IMAGE-NAME.
(edit) @9275   12 years gb Fix (?) #+windows GET-INTERNAL-REAL-TIME.
(edit) @9236   12 years andreas Suspending and resuming threads.
(edit) @9235   12 years andreas Properly yield in spinlocks, implementation of create_system_thread.
(edit) @9171   12 years gb Fix #+win64-target version of %stat-values (_stat64, not stat).
(edit) @9114   12 years gb Yet another image.
(edit) @9113   12 years gb Move SYSCALL stuff out of the big #- progn, so packages get defined …
(edit) @9112   12 years gb New and improved!
(edit) @9111   12 years gb Typo in getuid.
(edit) @9070   12 years gb newer
(edit) @8962   12 years gb When saving/restoring registers around ff-call, save save3 (if it's …
(edit) @8961   12 years gb init_winsock() here.
(edit) @8960   12 years gb add ws2_32 (winsock) to OSLIBS.
(edit) @8959   12 years gb Start to flesh this out for windows; still more work to do here.
(edit) @8958   12 years gb Include header for, initialize winsock.
(edit) @8957   12 years gb Use %llx.
(edit) @8956   12 years gb Define DEBUG_MEMORY, suppress debugging progress messages unless it's …
(edit) @8955   12 years gb Conditionalize canonical foreign types for win64.
(edit) @8954   12 years gb Callback stuff.
(edit) @8953   12 years gb %SHRINK-VECTOR moved earlier, to deal with temporary pathname hacks.
(edit) @8952   12 years gb Conditionalize context hacks for win64.
(edit) @8951   12 years gb More Windows conditionaliztion. Strip drive: from pathnames obtained …
(edit) @8950   12 years gb Assume that there's no buffered input on Windows. (We can't tell in …
(edit) @8949   12 years gb Whole file is #-windows-target, for now.
(edit) @8948   12 years gb #|| .. ||# emacs lossage.
(edit) @8947   12 years gb The "rpath" thing - for finding CCL relative to a Cocoa/GNUstep bundle …
(edit) @8946   12 years gb Windows time stuff.
(edit) @8945   12 years gb Move %SHRINK-VECTOR earlier, since some pathname hacks try to call it.
(edit) @8944   12 years gb PLATFORM-OS-WINDOWS: want a dotted pair here.
(edit) @8943   12 years gb Spell %GET-NATIVE-UTF-16-CSTRING the way that its callers do.
(edit) @8850   12 years gb New! Improved!
(edit) @8849   12 years gb Conditionalize for windows. Compiles; who knows if it works ?
(edit) @8848   12 years gb WITH-NATIVE-UTF-16-CSTR(s).
(edit) @8847   12 years gb Move some UTF-16 stuff to level-0.
(edit) @8846   12 years gb Assume 16-bit characters in windows_open().
(edit) @8845   12 years gb Fix prototype for windows_find_symbol.
(edit) @8844   12 years gb Move some UTF-16 stuff here. FD-OPEN assumes native-endian UTF-16 …
(edit) @8843   12 years gb Flesh out/fix the #+windows-target stuff.
(edit) @8842   12 years gb Update a bit.
(edit) @8840   12 years gb Use #_Sleep on Windows.
(edit) @8839   12 years gb Minor conditionalization for windows.
(edit) @8838   12 years gb Use #_Sleep on Windows.
(edit) @8837   12 years gb Conditionalize some TIME/GET-INTERNAL-RUN-TIME stuff for win64.
(edit) @8825   12 years gb MAKE-RECORD-FORM: macroexpand into call to memset, since bzero may not …
(edit) @8812   12 years gb Start handling exceptions on Win64. (Not thread-safe yet.)
(edit) @8811   12 years gb define eflags_register() for all platforms. change xpGPR etc for …
(edit) @8810   12 years gb fixes in SPsyscall.
(edit) @8809   12 years gb Use ll (long long) format spec more often.
(edit) @8808   12 years gb Make WIN64 REG* constants relative to offset of first GPR (Rax) in CONTEXT.
(edit) @8807   12 years gb windows_open() takes 8-bit strings, until we fix FD-OPEN. un-botch …
(edit) @8806   12 years gb Very preliminary (just a copy of the linux version, mostly.) Need to …
(edit) @8805   12 years gb If USE_WINDOWS_SEMAPHORES, use windows semaphores.
(edit) @8804   12 years gb Fix typo in ensure_gc_structures_writeable(). Set HEAP_START/HEAP_END …
(edit) @8803   12 years gb ExceptionInformation? typedef'ed to CONTEXT, not EXCEPTION_POINTERS.
(edit) @8802   12 years gb Win64 changes; use %llx vice %lx (at least in the places that I caught.)
(edit) @8801   12 years gb Set HEAP_START/HEAP_END globals elsewhere.
(edit) @8800   12 years gb Flesh out some USE_WINDOWS_SEMAPHORES stuff.
(edit) @8799   12 years gb target-level-1-modules for win64-target.
(edit) @8798   12 years gb Needs more work for win64; for now, at least use a hack to …
(edit) @8790   12 years gb Trust read() return value, now that image file is opened with O_BINARY set.
(edit) @8789   12 years gb Specify O_BINARY in open call. (This is called from lisp code, which …
(edit) @8788   12 years gb Image header flags should contain PLATFORM (now that PLATFORM's …
(edit) @8787   12 years gb LOGIOR in O_BINARY when calling MS C library's open().
(edit) @8786   12 years gb What comes after 4 ? Why, PLATFORM_OS_WINDOWS, of course. (Should …
(edit) @8785   12 years andreas Properly set up TCR.
(edit) @8784   12 years andreas * Ignore wrong platform in image loading * Excessive debugging of …
(edit) @8740   12 years gb image for cross-compiling from Linux x86-64 host to Win64 target
(edit) @8738   12 years gb Finish SLEEP definition for Windows, so that parens match …
(edit) @8737   12 years gb Comment-out unfinished windows code so that the file compiles.
(edit) @8736   12 years gb Define an xload-backend for Win64; note that it expects the readonly …
(edit) @8735   12 years gb Add windows-calls.o to COBJ; add -lpsapi to OSLIBS.
(edit) @8734   12 years gb Conditionalize the syscall subprim for windows: pop windows C args, …
(edit) @8733   12 years gb New file; provide some filesystem functions that are ordinarily called …
(edit) @8732   12 years gb Move Windows code for xFindSymbol to another file.
(edit) @8731   12 years gb Define a few win64 "syscalls", which are ultimately just foreign …
(edit) @8730   12 years gb GET-UNIVERSAL-TIME for windows. (May not be necessary, if …
(edit) @8729   12 years gb Add ffi-win64.
(edit) @8728   12 years gb Will need some way to determine MACHINE-VERSION on windows …
(edit) @8727   12 years gb Setup native foreign types for windows. (May need more work in …
(edit) @8726   12 years gb This file will need a lot of work, but try to get some support for …
(edit) @8725   12 years gb No #_asinh, #_acosh, #_atanh in Windows math lib.
(edit) @8724   12 years gb #_bzero -> #_memset.
(edit) @8723   12 years gb #_bzero -> #_memset.
(edit) @8722   12 years gb #$EX_SOFTWARE -> #$EXIT_FAILURE for Windows.
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