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(edit) @10600   13 years gb SLEEP: return NIL on windows.
(edit) @9819   13 years gb Handle Cygwin paths on Windows (for LOCAL-SVN-REVISION).
(edit) @9713   13 years andreas Allow multiple concurrent readers for cdb files.
(edit) @9671   13 years andreas Some more canonicalization of types.
(edit) @9656   13 years andreas image and kernel names for windows
(edit) @9649   13 years gb More canonical foreign types for Windows RUN-PROGRAM stuff.
(edit) @9648   13 years gb Put callback return values in the right place.
(edit) @9336   13 years gb Canonical-foreign-type-ordinals for some Windows foreign typss.
(edit) @9326   13 years gb Canonicalized foreign types for windows, a little.
(edit) @9325   13 years gb Use Windows functions (not #_uname) for machine/software-type/version.
(edit) @9316   13 years gb It would make too much sense for #_rename to overwrite an existing …
(edit) @8955   13 years gb Conditionalize canonical foreign types for win64.
(edit) @8954   13 years gb Callback stuff.
(edit) @8953   13 years gb %SHRINK-VECTOR moved earlier, to deal with temporary pathname hacks.
(edit) @8848   13 years gb WITH-NATIVE-UTF-16-CSTR(s).
(edit) @8837   13 years gb Conditionalize some TIME/GET-INTERNAL-RUN-TIME stuff for win64.
(edit) @8825   13 years gb MAKE-RECORD-FORM: macroexpand into call to memset, since bzero may not …
(edit) @8799   13 years gb target-level-1-modules for win64-target.
(edit) @8738   13 years gb Finish SLEEP definition for Windows, so that parens match …
(edit) @8730   13 years gb GET-UNIVERSAL-TIME for windows. (May not be necessary, if …
(edit) @8729   13 years gb Add ffi-win64.
(edit) @8728   13 years gb Will need some way to determine MACHINE-VERSION on windows …
(edit) @8727   13 years gb Setup native foreign types for windows. (May need more work in …
(edit) @8713   13 years gb add ffi-win64 if targeting win64.
(edit) @8712   13 years gb Fenceposts in ESCAPE-FOREIGN-NAME and an aux function, exposed by some …
(edit) @8711   13 years gb New file; probably wrong in some ABI details, but may be sort of close.
(edit) @8641   13 years gb INSTALL-STANDARD-FOREIGN-TYPES: size of long may not be :BITS-PER-WORD …
(edit) @8639   13 years gb PROVIDE has been in CL for the last few decades.
(copy) @8614   13 years andreas Make a branch for Win64 port.
copied from trunk/source/lib:
(edit) @8603   13 years gb Stream I/O deadline changes, based on patch from Hans Hubner.
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