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(edit) @10602   13 years gb In STRING-TO-PATHNAME: when creating a physical pathname, set the …
(edit) @10601   13 years gb Fix a few problems with %OS-GETCWD and CURRENT-DIRECTORY-NAME, mostly …
(edit) @10034   13 years gb Start trying to make this work on Windows; still all conditionalized out.
(edit) @10033   13 years gb Real-er %REALPATH for Windows.
(edit) @10032   13 years gb CCL-DIRECTORY: if initialized from heap image, use pathname-device, too.
(edit) @9826   13 years gb PATHNAME-DIRECTORY: if parsing a string, skip over Windows device prefix.
(edit) @9825   13 years gb Provide naive implementations of things otherwise done via #_acosh/ …
(edit) @9824   13 years gb Add %WINDOWS-ERROR-STRING.
(edit) @9818   13 years gb Some support for pathname devices (e.g., drive letters) for Windows. …
(edit) @9817   13 years gb Some support for pathname devices (e.g., drive letters) for Windows.
(edit) @9815   13 years gb Don't "strip drive prefix" for Windows. Try to make RUN-PROGRAM work …
(edit) @9814   13 years gb Use #\' for *PATHNAME-ESCAPE-CHARACTER*. (At some point, we'll need …
(edit) @9813   13 years gb Handle DEVICE in REPLACE-BASE-TRANSLATIONS.
(edit) @9728   13 years gb Windows version of EXEC-WITH-IO-REDIRECTION: new-input, new-output, …
(edit) @9727   13 years gb *LISTENER-PROMPT-FORMAT* should have a space after the break-level.
(edit) @9657   13 years andreas Implement substitute for missing mktemp, and thus input redirection …
(edit) @9647   13 years gb fd-dup: handle is a pointer to a handle, not a pointer to a pointer to …
(edit) @9551   13 years andreas Pass the error in execute to the calling thread.
(edit) @9550   13 years andreas Working MONITOR-FUNCTION for RUN-PROCESS.
(edit) @9549   13 years andreas Stub for run-program implementation for Windows.
(edit) @9335   13 years andreas Properly conditionalize definition of PIPE.
(edit) @9334   13 years andreas Implementation of pipe() for Windows.
(edit) @9324   13 years gb Use :_stat64 struct type in windows %fstat. GETPID: don't trust …
(edit) @9315   13 years gb Use windows (pseudo-) syscalls, for directory access functions.
(edit) @9314   13 years gb Load ffi-win64 if #+win64-target.
(edit) @9277   13 years gb stat fails on windows when pathname has trailing (forward or backward) …
(edit) @9276   13 years gb Canonicalize pathname for Windows in HEAP-IMAGE-NAME.
(edit) @9275   13 years gb Fix (?) #+windows GET-INTERNAL-REAL-TIME.
(edit) @9171   13 years gb Fix #+win64-target version of %stat-values (_stat64, not stat).
(edit) @9113   13 years gb Move SYSCALL stuff out of the big #- progn, so packages get defined …
(edit) @9111   13 years gb Typo in getuid.
(edit) @8952   13 years gb Conditionalize context hacks for win64.
(edit) @8951   13 years gb More Windows conditionaliztion. Strip drive: from pathnames obtained …
(edit) @8950   13 years gb Assume that there's no buffered input on Windows. (We can't tell in …
(edit) @8949   13 years gb Whole file is #-windows-target, for now.
(edit) @8948   13 years gb #|| .. ||# emacs lossage.
(edit) @8947   13 years gb The "rpath" thing - for finding CCL relative to a Cocoa/GNUstep bundle …
(edit) @8946   13 years gb Windows time stuff.
(edit) @8945   13 years gb Move %SHRINK-VECTOR earlier, since some pathname hacks try to call it.
(edit) @8944   13 years gb PLATFORM-OS-WINDOWS: want a dotted pair here.
(edit) @8849   13 years gb Conditionalize for windows. Compiles; who knows if it works ?
(edit) @8847   13 years gb Move some UTF-16 stuff to level-0.
(edit) @8840   13 years gb Use #_Sleep on Windows.
(edit) @8839   13 years gb Minor conditionalization for windows.
(edit) @8838   13 years gb Use #_Sleep on Windows.
(edit) @8798   13 years gb Needs more work for win64; for now, at least use a hack to …
(edit) @8726   13 years gb This file will need a lot of work, but try to get some support for …
(edit) @8725   13 years gb No #_asinh, #_acosh, #_atanh in Windows math lib.
(edit) @8724   13 years gb #_bzero -> #_memset.
(edit) @8723   13 years gb #_bzero -> #_memset.
(edit) @8722   13 years gb #$EX_SOFTWARE -> #$EXIT_FAILURE for Windows.
(edit) @8721   13 years gb MAKE-EXEXUTABLE-PAGE: use #_VirtualAlloc, 64K at a time.
(edit) @8720   13 years gb Provide a name for PLATFORM-OS-WINDOWS.
(edit) @8719   13 years gb No #_bzero on windows (and it's kind of an anachronism anyway), so use …
(edit) @8718   13 years gb #$EX_USAGE -> #$EXIT_FAILURE for Windows.
(copy) @8614   13 years andreas Make a branch for Win64 port.
copied from trunk/source/level-1:
(edit) @8604   13 years gb Stream I/O deadline changes, based on patch from Hans Hubner.
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