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(edit) @13276   10 years gb No release_readonly_area() on PPC, either.
(edit) @13275   10 years gb Use ensure_static_conses() on PPC, too.
(edit) @13274   10 years gb Drop *STATIC-CONS-CHUNK*.
(edit) @13273   10 years gb Export RESERVED-STATIC-CONSES and FREE-STATIC-CONSES; drop …
(edit) @13272   10 years gb Since pure area may contain pointers (at least to …
(edit) @13271   10 years gb Write pure area before dynamic area.
(edit) @13270   10 years gb Get purify/impurify working on x86 (including x8632.)
(edit) @13269   10 years gb Don't call release_readonly_area() after purify.
(edit) @13268   10 years gb Don't define release_readonly_area().
(edit) @13267   10 years gb Write pure area to image file before dynamic area.
(edit) @13266   10 years gb Changes for new x86 purification scheme; need testing. Depends on …
(edit) @13265   10 years gb Report STATIC-CONS utilization in ROOM.
(edit) @13264   10 years gb target::area.ndnodes.
(edit) @13260   10 years gb Handle locatives (xpPC) and TRAs in purify(). (At least try to pick …
(edit) @13259   10 years gb Use ensure_static_conses() to handle static_cons allocation. Always …
(edit) @13258   10 years gb ensure_static_conses() to handle static_cons allocation, interact with …
(edit) @13257   10 years gb Prototype ensure_static_conses(), not allocate_static_conses().
(edit) @13256   10 years gb We're going to want to use PURIFY rather than FREEZE here; more …
(edit) @13244   10 years gb area.dwords -> area.dnodes.
(edit) @13243   10 years gb PPC static-cons changes.
(edit) @13242   10 years gb x8632 static-cons stuff.
(edit) @13241   10 years gb Lose some blank lines.
(edit) @13238   10 years gb STATIC-CONS stuff, finally. Todo: - policy (should interact with GC …
(edit) @13224   10 years gb Bump min fasl version.
(edit) @13223   10 years gb Bump current fasl version.
(edit) @13220   10 years gb Bump max fasl version.
(edit) @13219   10 years gb Try to save strings in ASCII if possible.
(edit) @13218   10 years gb Just read bytes in $fasl-nvstr.
(edit) @13217   10 years gb %FASL-READ-N-STRING: just read octets (e.g., for ASCII).
(edit) @13216   10 years gb Fix typos.
(edit) @13215   10 years gb Recycle those old FASL ops so that we effectively encode all strings …
(edit) @13210   10 years gb Revive some old fasl ops that assumed 8-bit characters; make the new …
(edit) @13129   10 years gb PPC write-barrier changes in pc_luser_xp(), too.
(edit) @13128   10 years gb PPC write-barrier changes.
(edit) @13127   10 years gb When ensuring that space is available in an area being purified into, …
(edit) @13083   10 years gb When copying functions on x8632, need to call update_self_references().
(edit) @13082   10 years gb When unwatching, need to rebuild the refbits for the managed static …
(edit) @13059   10 years gb write-barrier changes for x86-32.
(edit) @13042   10 years gb A function-purified lisp survived a GC; Miller time. TODO: …
(edit) @12900   10 years gb 32-bit memory layout.
(edit) @12895   10 years gb New memory layout for DarwinPPC64, too.
(edit) @12894   10 years gb New address space layout for linuxppc64.
(edit) @12892   10 years gb larger maximum_mappable_memory for win64, too
(edit) @12891   10 years gb Larger MAXIMUM_MAPPABLE_MEMORY for Solarisx86.
(edit) @12890   10 years gb Work-in-progress. Current plan: - memory layout for x8664 (at least) …
(edit) @12886   10 years gb Write a (possibly empty) static-cons-area to image file; read it. …
(edit) @12884   10 years gb Add area code for static conses.
(copy) @12883   10 years gb make branch
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(edit) @12882   10 years rme Spell :utf-32le/:utf-32be correctly.
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