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(edit) @14064   11 years gb add call_handler_on_main_stack, for sigaltstack nonsense.
(edit) @14063   11 years gb %ERR-DISP callback: report stack overflow.
(edit) @14062   11 years gb Fix runtime versions of REALP, NUMBERP, too.
(edit) @14061   11 years gb BIGNUM-REM: missed refs to *TRUNCATE-X*.
(edit) @14060   11 years gb Typechecking, other fixes in %INIT-MISC.
(edit) @14059   11 years gb arm2.lisp: in ARM2-SPREAD-LAMBDA-LIST, get the bits in the doadlword …
(edit) @14058   11 years gz support for code coverage of acode (r13891, r13929, r13942, r13964, …
(edit) @14057   11 years gz Couple defstruct fixes from trunk (r13590, r13788)
(edit) @14056   11 years gz r13980 from trunk (defmethod memory leak)
(edit) @14055   11 years gz Bump version (r13660, r13656)
(edit) @14054   11 years gz Bounds checking for tlb indices (r13745, r13752)
(edit) @14053   11 years gz No longer look for image in LX86CL64 (r13592)
(edit) @14052   11 years gz Faster #n=/#n# from trunk (r13591)
(edit) @14051   11 years gz Pathname fixes from trunk (r13579, r13582)
(edit) @14050   11 years gz assume newer asdf (r13682)
(edit) @14049   11 years gz Misc tweaks and fixes from trunk …
(edit) @14048   11 years gz from trunk, reorg of platform-specific kernel files (r13589-r13956)
(edit) @14047   11 years rme Undo, for the time being, the effects of r13887. Those changes are …
(edit) @14046   11 years gz merge r13685: when reporting code coverage, check for changed source …
(edit) @14045   11 years gz Don't need contribs here
(edit) @14044   11 years gz support for reporting code coverage of acode, needs more testing
(edit) @14043   11 years gb Today's image.
(edit) @14042   11 years gb Split ARM instructions into two 16-bit halves, to try to reduce …
(edit) @14041   11 years gb resurrect .SPjmpsym.
(edit) @14040   11 years gb movc16 macro expands to movw.
(edit) @14039   11 years gb Need to clear FPSCR status before calling into math lib on ARM.
(edit) @14038   11 years gb Compare both halves of DOUBLE-FLOATs in EQL.
(edit) @14037   11 years gb FFI FP exception stuff.
(edit) @14036   11 years gb Better ISTRUCT-TYPEP; other small changes.
(edit) @14035   11 years gb use movw, movt.
(edit) @14034   11 years gb movw, movt, & support for them.
(edit) @14033   11 years gb movw, movt, & support for them.
(edit) @14032   11 years gb Add (resurrect) SPjmpsym.
(edit) @14031   11 years gb In %APPLY-WITH-METHOD-CONTEXT, just load LR from the saved frame and …
(edit) @14030   11 years rme Use *svn-program* instead of just "svn" when invoking svn from run-program.
(edit) @14029   11 years rme Tweak ensure-tests-loaded a bit to provide some debugging information.
(edit) @14028   11 years rme In string-to-pathname, do tilde expansion on Windows also. Note that …
(edit) @14027   11 years gb Wrong comment. Clean up handling of code-vector locatives (PC/LR, …
(edit) @14026   11 years gb About 7 years late: use the current (GC) thread's binding of *PACKAGE* …
(edit) @14025   11 years gb About 7 years late: use the current (GC) thread's binding of *PACKAGE* …
(edit) @14024   11 years gb Define a new UUO, reserved for use as a forward marker (not a valid …
(edit) @14023   11 years gb Check the result of the strex correctly in .SPset_hash_key_conditional.
(edit) @14022   11 years gb D'oh!
(edit) @14021   11 years rme Per test CCL.57879-6, in DEFSTRUCT constructors, try not to complain …
(edit) @14020   11 years rme In FULL-PATHNAME, get a suitable device pathname component from …
(edit) @14019   11 years gb Latest, greatest.
(edit) @14018   11 years gb t_offset's been wrong for a few weeks.
(edit) @14017   11 years gb Handle new array UUOs. Conditionalize for ARM, provide some missing …
(edit) @14016   11 years gb In STRING, don't do vector initialization to set a single element in …
(edit) @14015   11 years gb More UUOs (for N-dimensional AREF.) vinsns for N-d aref; backend …
(edit) @14014   11 years gb More UUOs (for N-dimensional AREF.) vinsns for N-d aref; backend …
(edit) @14013   11 years gb BIGNUM-SHIFT-LEFT-LOOP: keep fixing bugs …
(edit) @14012   11 years rme Use the versions of acosh[f], asinh[f], and atanh[f] that we use on …
(edit) @14011   11 years gb Current.
(edit) @14010   11 years rme Add :exit keyword argument to test-ccl. When t, the lisp will exit …
(edit) @14009   11 years gb BIGNUM-SHIFT-LEFT-LOOP: last digit set by ashift right.
(edit) @14008   11 years gb .SPadd_values and .SPrecover_values weren't finding forward/backward …
(edit) @14007   11 years gb ARM stack range changes.
(edit) @14006   11 years gb %FIXNUM-REF-NATURAL doesn't need a 0-valued offset arg.
(edit) @14005   11 years gb Funcall's argument goes straight to arm::nfn in ARM2-MVCALL.
(edit) @14004   11 years gb Fix braino in POP-ARGUMENT-REGISTERS.
(edit) @14003   11 years gb Show source info (if any) in disassembly.
(edit) @14002   11 years gb Forgot to check this in …
(edit) @14001   11 years gb Current image.
(edit) @14000   11 years gb Better .SPcheck-fpu-exception. New UUO for FP exceptions.
(edit) @13999   11 years gb Handle FPU exceptions in non FFI case.
(edit) @13998   11 years gb Fix in %MAKE-FLOAT-FROM-FIXNUMS. Get control bits right in …
(edit) @13997   11 years gb "safe" FP operations need to clear fpscr status bits first.
(edit) @13996   11 years gb UUO-ERROR-FPU-EXCEPTION. Parse FPUX operands (fpscr, etc.) in vinsns.
(edit) @13995   11 years gb EXTRACT-ARM-@RN-OPERAND.
(edit) @13994   11 years rme Clear tcr.ffi_exception in .SPffcall/.SPffcall_return_registers before …
(edit) @13993   11 years gb ARM Linux support.
(edit) @13992   11 years gb Keep trying to guess how to identify a write fault on ARM Linux.
(edit) @13991   11 years gb Some fixes in check_refmap_consistency().
(edit) @13990   11 years gb In the windows version of %GET-IP-INTERFACES, handle the "buffer too …
(edit) @13989   11 years gb Let callback functions decide whether/how to advance PC on return.
(edit) @13988   11 years gb Handle return from callbacks.
(edit) @13987   11 years gb Hopefully more useful.
(edit) @13986   11 years gb Conditionalize for ARM (and maybe PPC, finally.)
(edit) @13985   11 years gb Small changes/additions.
(edit) @13984   11 years gb Make %ERR-DISP callback return number of bytes to advance PC on return …
(edit) @13983   11 years gb Add (:ARGLIST) info to some lap functions.
(edit) @13982   11 years gb Try not to run out of imm regs when storing double-floats to foreign …
(edit) @13981   11 years gb Use ARM::EMIT-LAP-INSTRUCTION-ELEMENTS (rather than …
(edit) @13980   11 years gb Make the hash table used by INTERN-EQL-SPECIALIZER weak on value. …
(edit) @13979   11 years gb conditionalize for Windows, other small changes
(edit) @13978   11 years gb suppress warning in %TOKEN-PACKAGE
(edit) @13977   11 years gb Specify fpu type explicitly.
(edit) @13976   11 years gb Spell "true" with an "e".
(edit) @13975   11 years gb Fix typo in DECLAIM.
(edit) @13974   11 years gb Defer package lookup until token's been constructed; fixes ticket:698.
(edit) @13973   11 years gb Export WAIT-FOR-SIGNAL.
(edit) @13972   11 years gb Lisp side of WAIT-FOR-SIGNAL.
(edit) @13971   11 years gb Define kernel import for WAIT-FOR-SIGNAL.
(edit) @13970   11 years gb Kernel side of WAIT-FOR-SIGNAL. Probably needs to be more: a better …
(edit) @13969   11 years rme Correct typo (wint -> with). Fixes ticket:703.
(edit) @13968   11 years gb Fix bogosity in _SPcall_closure. Start checking for FP exceptions …
(edit) @13967   11 years gb ELF headers for Linux ARM.
(edit) @13966   11 years gz Record code coverage acode string and positions
(edit) @13965   11 years gz Change pprint-recording-positions to take a function to do the recording
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