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(edit) @13052   11 years rme Merge r13051 here.
(edit) @13051   11 years rme Method READ-TOPLEVEL-FORM (COCOA-LISTENER-INPUT-STREAM): list …
(edit) @13050   11 years rme Really merge r13048 (don't use NSImageNameXXX since 10.4 doesn't have …
(edit) @13049   11 years rme Merge trunk changes r13033 through 13035, r13048.
(edit) @13048   11 years rme Avoid using NSImageNameXXX canned images, because Tiger doesn't have …
(edit) @13047   11 years rme Look for Mac OS X 10.4 SDK, complain if not found.
(edit) @13046   11 years palter Update to Cocotron r649 which fixes Cocotron issue 405 (our layout problem)
(edit) @13045   11 years palter Update to Cococtron r648 which fixes Cocotron issue 406 …
(edit) @13044   11 years gz Windows-only changes (r13025, r13026) from trunk. This branch is now …
(edit) @13043   11 years gz More WATCH updates from trunk (r13011-r13019, r13022, r13028)
(edit) @13042   11 years gb A function-purified lisp survived a GC; Miller time. TODO: …
(edit) @13041   11 years gfoy Set *style-case-p* to t.
(edit) @13040   11 years gfoy Contrib: syntax-styling
(edit) @13039   11 years gfoy Mod for syntax-styling.
(edit) @13038   11 years gfoy Mod for syntax-styling
(edit) @13037   11 years gfoy mod for syntax-styling
(edit) @13036   11 years rme Clozure CL 1.4-RC1 binaries.
(edit) @13035   11 years palter Make BUILD-APPLICATION also skip over version control data files
(edit) @13034   11 years palter Use file-namestring to properly ignore ".cvsignore" files
(edit) @13033   11 years palter Updated to compile and load under Cocotron
(edit) @13032   11 years palter Update to Cocotron r646 and include my proposed patch for Cocotron …
(edit) @13031   11 years rme Trunk changes r12910 through r13030 (need to update interfaces separately).
(edit) @13030   11 years palter Update CDB files to Cocotron 645
(edit) @13029   11 years greg Oops, forgot to add the new files with my last commit.
(edit) @13028   11 years rme Undo r13001 (x86-print-bare-disassembled-instruction).
(edit) @13027   11 years greg Initial commit of a project window for the IDE. You can open a project …
(edit) @13026   11 years gb Pass the magic FILE_FLAG_BACKUP_SEMANTICS option in %UTIMES, so that …
(edit) @13025   11 years gb lisp_open: don't ask for more than some combination of GENERIC_READ/ …
(edit) @13024   11 years palter Fix fencepost error
(edit) @13023   11 years greg Now you can write (setf (#/objectForKey: dict key) val) instead of …
(edit) @13022   11 years rme Super-fancy print-object method for an x86-disassembled-instruction.
(edit) @13021   11 years greg Updating ASDF (primarily because it fixes system-source-file, but …
(edit) @13020   11 years palter Add the Objective-C test case for Cocotron issue 405
(edit) @13019   11 years rme In report-write-to-watched-object, just show the disassembled …
(edit) @13018   11 years rme Temporary kludge (which will probably stay here for years) to avoid …
(edit) @13017   11 years rme New file x86-watch.lisp, containing code to emulate some common x86 …
(edit) @13016   11 years rme Remove x86-target-specific stuff.
(edit) @13015   11 years rme If an object in not in a dynamic areas, refuse to watch it. Make …
(edit) @13014   11 years rme Add an "emulate" restart for a write-to-watched-object condition. …
(edit) @13013   11 years rme New functions x86-memory-operand-ea, x86-emulate-instruction, and …
(edit) @13012   11 years rme Add a reader for the instruction slot in a write-to-watched-object …
(edit) @13011   11 years rme If WATCH is passed an array, hash-table, or standard-instance, watch …
(edit) @13010   11 years palter Upgrade to Cocotron r645
(edit) @13009   11 years gz Watchpoint changes from trunk (r13001 to r13008)
(edit) @13008   11 years rme When updating pointer-bearing areas after copying a newly-watched …
(edit) @13007   11 years rme New function ALL-WATCHED-OBJECTS. Try to be at least instantaneously …
(edit) @13006   11 years rme Merge r12924 (try to update hash table vectors correctly)
(edit) @13005   11 years rme %WATCH returns newly watched object.
(edit) @13004   11 years rme Get watched object from lisp stack instead of callback parameter. Use …
(edit) @13003   11 years rme Revise the definition of the write-to-watched-object condition. Use an …
(edit) @13002   11 years rme In handle_fault(), pass the watched object on the lisp stack …
(edit) @13001   11 years rme New function X86-PRINT-BARE-DISASSEMBLED-INSTRUCTION, which factors …
(edit) @13000   11 years rme Undo r12913 and r12914.
(edit) @12999   11 years gz Add solaris stuff to this branch
(edit) @12998   11 years gz Merge complete, update version numbers and binaries
(edit) @12997   11 years gz propagate r12996
(edit) @12996   11 years gz in dolist, combine all special decls
(edit) @12995   11 years gz svn ci -m "Merge r12980, replacing r12646 (which defeated type …
(edit) @12994   11 years gz Merge watchpoints from trunk
(edit) @12993   11 years gz Cleanup finish_function_entry() (r12744)
(edit) @12992   11 years gz Changes for images larger than 2GB (r12811)
(edit) @12991   11 years gz sprint_random_vector(): indicate that the subtag is a hex value (r12923)
(edit) @12990   11 years gz more windows/mac changes
(edit) @12989   11 years gz mac changes (r12671, r12672)
(edit) @12988   11 years gz Cosmetic changes (r12644)
(edit) @12987   11 years gz ppc and windows changes
(edit) @12986   11 years rme Update watched-object-related functions to use an offset rather than …
(edit) @12985   11 years rme Push the watched object onto the lisp stack before creating the xcf. …
(edit) @12984   11 years rme When handling a write to a watched object, try to be more careful …
(edit) @12983   11 years rme Change the slots in write-to-watched-object around a bit; change …
(edit) @12982   11 years rme %WATCH: assume caller has done necessary type-checking.
(edit) @12981   11 years rme %WATCH: return newly-watched object
(edit) @12980   11 years gz Hoist special declarations (only) to the return clause of dolist if any
(edit) @12979   11 years gz Remove obsolete bootstrapping code
(edit) @12978   11 years gz fix for exponential compilation time in some cases (r12861)
(edit) @12977   11 years gz Fetch tools via svn:externals
(edit) @12976   11 years gz Remove tools dir
(edit) @12975   11 years gz Remove comment
(edit) @12974   11 years gz decode-float fix (r12418)
(edit) @12973   11 years gz Faster bignum multiplication (r12839, r12847, r12850)
(edit) @12972   11 years gz fix in get-dispatch-macro-character (r12854)
(edit) @12971   11 years gz spell :utf-32le/:utf-32be correctly (r12882)
(edit) @12970   11 years gz Safer string-output-stream-ioblock recycling (r12842)
(edit) @12969   11 years gz windows-only change
(edit) @12968   11 years gz Tweaks in with-string-vector (r12625, r12841)
(edit) @12967   11 years gz windows (r12825)
(edit) @12966   11 years gz Fixes to interactive-stream-p (r12763)
(edit) @12965   11 years gz add source-note-toplevel-note (r12633)
(edit) @12964   11 years gz update doc string for *save-source-locations* (r12632)
(edit) @12963   11 years gz More precise error in stream-clear-input
(edit) @12962   11 years gz Don't hold callback lock while printing debug info (r12424)
(edit) @12961   11 years gz fix for 3d simple character array type errors (r12481)
(edit) @12960   11 years gz windows (r12450)
(edit) @12959   11 years gz distinguish between standard and initial readtables (r12497, r12889)
(edit) @12958   11 years gz Bind more printer controls in with-standard-io-syntax (r12429)
(edit) @12957   11 years gz windows (r12524)
(edit) @12956   11 years gz windows (r12449)
(edit) @12955   11 years gz Add this unused file, because I'm tired of seeing it in diffs
(edit) @12954   11 years gz remove sanity check for old slime version
(edit) @12953   11 years gz pathname-device fix (r12431)
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