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(edit) @12912   11 years rme Updated externals for 1.4.
(edit) @12911   11 years rme Put :CCL-1.4 on *FEATURES*.
(edit) @12910   11 years rme Add :CCL-1.4 to *FEATURES*, set *OPENMCL-REVISION* to "RC1".
(edit) @12909   11 years rme create 1.4 release branch
(edit) @12908   11 years rme In unwatch_object(): if some other thread is waiting to handle an …
(edit) @12907   11 years rme Offer an "allow this write" restart in response to a …
(edit) @12906   11 years rme New function X86-EMULATE-WRITE-INSTRUCTION and a couple of helpers.
(edit) @12905   11 years gb EXTRACT-INSTANCE-CLASS-AND-OTHER-SLOTDS: actually return other-slots …
(edit) @12904   11 years rme In XCMAIN, return SKIP bytes rather than unconditionally 0. Offer an …
(edit) @12903   11 years rme Add instruction slot to write-to-watched-object condition. Print it …
(edit) @12902   11 years rme New function X86-PRINT-ONE-DISASSEMBLED-INSTRUCTION.
(edit) @12901   11 years gz Add defvar for *modifier-key-pattern*
(edit) @12900   11 years gb 32-bit memory layout.
(edit) @12899   11 years rme Oops, left in a BREAK.
(edit) @12898   11 years rme Conditionalize SYSTEM-NAMESTRING for Clozure CL. Use …
(edit) @12897   11 years rme Add DOUBLE-FLOAT-NAN constant; use it in PARSE-FLOAT instead of …
(edit) @12896   11 years rme In UPDATE-CCL, return a third value that indicates whether binaries …
(edit) @12895   11 years gb New memory layout for DarwinPPC64, too.
(edit) @12894   11 years gb New address space layout for linuxppc64.
(edit) @12893   11 years gz Add a percentage column to heap-utilization output
(edit) @12892   11 years gb larger maximum_mappable_memory for win64, too
(edit) @12891   11 years gb Larger MAXIMUM_MAPPABLE_MEMORY for Solarisx86.
(edit) @12890   11 years gb Work-in-progress. Current plan: - memory layout for x8664 (at least) …
(edit) @12889   11 years rme In WITH-STANDARD-IO-SYNTAX, bind *READTABLE* to the standard …
(edit) @12888   11 years rme Support watching individual cons cells; add "unwatch and contiune" …
(edit) @12887   11 years rme trunk changes r12874 through r12886
(edit) @12886   11 years gb Write a (possibly empty) static-cons-area to image file; read it. …
(edit) @12885   11 years rme Support watching individual cons cells.
(edit) @12884   11 years gb Add area code for static conses.
(edit) @12883   11 years gb make branch
(edit) @12882   11 years rme Spell :utf-32le/:utf-32be correctly.
(edit) @12881   11 years rme In error callback, add restart to unwatch object and continue.
(edit) @12880   11 years rme Pop xcf after callback.
(edit) @12879   11 years rme Merge r12764 (refs bug 524)
(edit) @12878   11 years gz Bring back Edit Command Definition and make it work. This fixes bug #168
(edit) @12877   11 years gz In #/selectionRangeForProposedRange, always start at the proposed …
(edit) @12876   11 years rme GET-REAL-TIME: no "id" arg in scope, so remove it and update format …
(edit) @12875   11 years rme still testing refs #601
(edit) @12874   11 years rme Test re ticket:602.
(edit) @12873   11 years rme for watchpoint hacking
(edit) @12872   11 years rme update %unwatch stub
(edit) @12871   11 years gb darwinppc images
(edit) @12870   11 years gb linuxppc images
(edit) @12869   11 years gb ppc version of recent compiler changes
(edit) @12868   11 years gb win32 image
(edit) @12867   11 years gb win64 image
(edit) @12866   11 years gb new Solaris x86 images
(edit) @12865   11 years gb new FreeBSD x8664 image
(edit) @12864   11 years gb new FreeBSD x8632 image
(edit) @12863   11 years gb new x86 Linux images
(edit) @12862   11 years gb Images for x86 Darwin.
(edit) @12861   11 years gb compiler/optimizers.lisp: * (multiplication) compiler-macro: always …
(edit) @12860   11 years gz Bind c-x c-v to "Find File" since "Visit File" doesn't work (and it's …
(edit) @12859   11 years gz Make sure that all hemlock functions defined outside of hemlock are in …
(edit) @12858   11 years palter Export the right symbol.
(edit) @12857   11 years rme Port r12854 (fix for ticket:601, get-dispatch-macro-character bug) here.
(edit) @12856   11 years gz export hemlock-ext::invoke-allowing-buffer-display
(edit) @12855   11 years gz add test case from bug #601
(edit) @12854   11 years gz Fix bug #601
(edit) @12853   11 years gz add test for ticket #592; conditionalize out some tests not in trunk yet
(edit) @12852   11 years gfoy Added parse-over-block to list-definitions, duh.
(edit) @12851   11 years gfoy Added parse-over-block to list-definitions, duh.
(edit) @12850   11 years rme Have MULTIPLY-BIGNUM-AND-FIXNUM call MULTIPLY-BIGNUMS to do its work.
(edit) @12849   11 years gfoy Bogus move on #/saveDocument
(edit) @12848   11 years gb Fix conditionalization typo.
(edit) @12847   11 years rme Try doing bignum multiplies 64 bits at a time on ppc64, too.
(edit) @12846   11 years gz Make the gui inspector show function disassembly. Extend the …
(edit) @12845   11 years gb Try to update this a bit (gtk+-1/gtk+-2), but it needs more work. …
(edit) @12844   11 years gb Remove old (gtk1.x) example.
(edit) @12843   11 years gb Change WITH-STRING-VECTOR usage in commented-out Cocotron-specifc code.
(edit) @12842   11 years gb Add a slot to STRING-OUTPUT-STREAM-IOBLOCK; use it to try to ensure …
(edit) @12841   11 years gb Try once again to make sense out of WITH-STRING-VECTOR and its handful …
(edit) @12840   11 years gfoy Park new windows.
(edit) @12839   11 years rme Try to multiply bignums 64-bits at a time on x8664.
(edit) @12838   11 years gz Arrange to prin1 (rather than princ) quoted constant references in …
(edit) @12837   11 years rme When unwatching an object, allocate space for it from lisp rather than …
(edit) @12836   11 years palter Add an :ALTCONSOLE keyword argument (default T) to BUILD-APPLICATION
(edit) @12835   11 years gz Don't try to show args and locals for non-function frames
(edit) @12834   11 years palter Add :if-exists :supersede when copying Windows alt console application.
(edit) @12833   11 years palter Update to r633 of Cocotron which fixes the resizing bug
(edit) @12832   11 years gb lisp_debug: no fileno macro on Win64, so access FILE->_file. …
(edit) @12831   11 years gb Install the Windows altconsole exe when building a standalone app bundle.
(edit) @12830   11 years gb Implement TRY-CONNECTING-TO-ALTCONSOLE for Cocotron.
(edit) @12829   11 years gb Don't define or call CONNECT-TO-CONSOLE-WINDOW.
(edit) @12828   11 years gb Any I/O redirection that needs to be done to enable debugging in a GUI …
(edit) @12827   11 years gb Use a cast in the callback_to_lisp call where handle_fault reports a …
(edit) @12826   11 years gb For Cocotron: try to use Courier as the font in backtrace dialogs; …
(edit) @12825   11 years gb Do most of the work of EXEC-WITH-IO-REDIRECTION in …
(edit) @12824   11 years gb moved here
(edit) @12823   11 years gb moved
(edit) @12822   11 years gb Moved.
(edit) @12821   11 years rme When reporting a write-to-watched-object condition, try to figure out …
(edit) @12820   11 years palter Arrange for the CCL icon to appear with the right name so Cocotron …
(edit) @12819   11 years rme Add address slot to write-to-watched-object condition.
(edit) @12818   11 years rme In handle_fault(), when handling a write to a watched object, pass …
(edit) @12817   11 years rme The xcmain callback actually accepts an additional arg. Use it to …
(edit) @12816   11 years rme In save-application, cerror if there are watched objects.
(edit) @12815   11 years rme Lisp kernel support for watching/unwatching objects on x8632.
(edit) @12814   11 years palter Add a Windows version of our icon
(edit) @12813   11 years palter Upgrade to r631 of Cocotron
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