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(edit) @12590   10 years gb When generating binding forms for DEFCALLBACK, allow a parameter name …
(edit) @12589   10 years gz Two more fixes on gf keyword warnings - handle interactive case, and …
(edit) @12588   10 years gz in encode-lambda-list, don't return a vector if no &key, and test for …
(edit) @12587   10 years gz fix some logic errors in previous checkin
(edit) @12586   10 years gz Tests for more compile-time defmethod checking
(edit) @12585   10 years gz more extensive compile-time checking involving methods/gfs: warn about …
(edit) @12584   10 years gz tweak so don't have to wade thru gazillion compiler warnings
(edit) @12583   10 years gz I broke THE in r12500, forcing single-value returns in the …
(edit) @12582   10 years gz add regression test
(edit) @12581   10 years gz Don't cache MEMBER ctypes with members where equal and eql are not …
(edit) @12580   10 years rme In PPC2-%FIXNUM-TO-SINGLE, if vreg isn't a single-float reg, introduce …
(edit) @12579   10 years rme New function SINGLE-FLOAT-REG-P
(edit) @12578   10 years palter Make NSSlider less broken
(edit) @12577   10 years palter Make NSTextField editable by default
(edit) @12576   10 years gb Don't make OPTIMIZE declamation persistent.
(edit) @12575   10 years gb In the binding established by the expansion of DOLIST's result form, …
(edit) @12574   10 years rme ns-color-from-charprop: actually cache colors
(edit) @12573   10 years palter Bring up-to-date w.r.t. Cocotron repository (r583)
(edit) @12572   10 years rme In charpropos-to-dict: #/convertFont:toHaveTrait: can only do one …
(edit) @12571   10 years palter Revise and extend comment
(edit) @12570   10 years palter No UndoManager? under Cocotron for now -- Causes CPU usage to peg at 100%
(edit) @12569   10 years rme eschew spaces in file names
(edit) @12568   10 years rme Contributions from Glen Foy and Neil Baylis.
(edit) @12567   10 years rme PURIFY is internal in package CCL.
(edit) @12566   10 years palter Need to display the window on the main thread to keep Cocotron happy
(edit) @12565   10 years gz Go back to using hi::move-to-absolute-position in …
(edit) @12564   10 years gz Make buffers keep track of their lines in a vector, use that for a …
(edit) @12563   10 years gz compiler warning
(edit) @12562   10 years gz Stop showing duplicates in apropos
(edit) @12561   10 years palter Can't pass Lisp strings to ObjC methods
(edit) @12560   10 years gz a few regression tests
(edit) @12559   10 years gb win32 binary with pipe EOF fix
(edit) @12558   10 years rme Add #/getCharacters:range: for xhemlock-buffer-string.
(edit) @12557   10 years rme Re-enable compute-temporary-attributes for other text storage classes.
(edit) @12556   10 years rme Instead of calling hi:move-to-absolute-position, use the function …
(edit) @12555   10 years rme Put back use of cache in move-hemlock-mark-to-absolute-position. Flip …
(edit) @12554   10 years rme Use a buffer-string-cache.
(edit) @12553   10 years gz add macroexpand-all test case
(edit) @12552   10 years gz r12550 from trunk (macroexpand-all fix)
(edit) @12551   10 years rme Nuke conditionalized-out defintion of #, reader macro.
(edit) @12550   10 years rme macroexpand-all and labels/flet patch, from Stas Boukarev. …
(edit) @12549   10 years gb SLET* doesn't reference its ENV argument.
(edit) @12548   10 years gb Call #/synchronizeWindowTitleWithDocumentName in a few places, since …
(edit) @12547   10 years gb upstream r579
(edit) @12546   10 years rme Don't use a baked-in default font, but using just *editor-font* is …
(edit) @12545   10 years rme In send-input-region-to-lisp: re-indent an IF form. Add a call to …
(edit) @12544   10 years rme Guard access to styles slot in text storage object (for benefit of …
(edit) @12543   10 years rme Some hacks to allow use of xhemlock-text-storage. * guard access to …
(edit) @12542   10 years rme new function set-buffer-charprops
(edit) @12541   10 years rme Indentation for PROG and PROG*.
(edit) @12540   10 years rme charprops support in delete-and-save-region.
(edit) @12539   10 years rme Rename adjust-charprops-changes to adjust-line-charprops; update …
(edit) @12538   10 years rme export charprops API symbols
(edit) @12537   10 years rme New file; might either stick around, or eventually be merged into …
(edit) @12536   10 years rme Several changes, none really worthy of individual note given the state …
(edit) @12535   10 years gz Merge r12534
(edit) @12534   10 years gz Make parse-macro bind &whole/&environment vars normally, so can tell …
(edit) @12533   10 years gz Merge r12531: more declaration warnings
(edit) @12532   10 years gz Bunch of tests for declaration warnings
(edit) @12531   10 years gz Warn about unknown names in fdecl's
(edit) @12530   10 years gz Merge fixes in ftype support (r12525, r12529)
(edit) @12529   10 years gz Avoid unknown type warnings at use-time of ftype decl
(edit) @12528   10 years gb Sleep prototype
(edit) @12527   10 years gb new upstream changes
(edit) @12526   10 years gb Cocotron changes.
(edit) @12525   10 years gz in find-ftype-decl, watch for lexical defs
(edit) @12524   10 years gb DEFINE-CALLBACK: ignore :DISCARD-STACK-ARGS keyword unless targeting win32.
(edit) @12523   10 years gb win64 binary with r12522
(edit) @12522   10 years gb Handle EOF in read_pipe().
(edit) @12521   10 years gb win64 kernel
(edit) @12520   10 years gb new win32 kernel
(edit) @12519   10 years gb Try to make Windows I/O (well, input at least) more interrupt-friendly.
(edit) @12518   10 years gb nsapp isrunning set earlier
(edit) @12517   10 years gb NSApplication startup
(edit) @12516   10 years gb maybe fix some NSUserDefaults problems
(edit) @12515   10 years gz ftypes - r12467/r12500/r12512/r12514 from trunk
(edit) @12514   10 years gz In nx-effect-other-decls, effect the right decls
(edit) @12513   10 years gz Merge r12363
(edit) @12512   10 years gz bug#573: return a single value type from nx-declared-result-type
(edit) @12511   10 years gz Make a bunch of chars (like *diff) word constituents in Lisp mode
(edit) @12510   10 years gb debug versions of dlls
(edit) @12509   10 years gb still trying to fix NSDocument displayName
(edit) @12508   10 years gb NSDocument, other changes
(edit) @12507   10 years gb NSDocument, other changes
(edit) @12506   10 years gz contrib for darwinppc
(edit) @12505   10 years gz contrib for freebsd
(edit) @12504   10 years gz contrib for linuxppc
(edit) @12503   10 years gz contrib for linuxx86
(edit) @12502   10 years gz contrib for solaris
(edit) @12501   10 years gz Add contrib directory for windows
(edit) @12500   10 years gz Be aware of FTYPE declarations in more places
(edit) @12499   10 years gb learn to program, someday
(edit) @12498   10 years gb finishLaunching exactly once, create contentView for NSBox on demand
(edit) @12497   10 years gb Try to distinguish between initial/standard readtables better. …
(edit) @12496   10 years gb Add contrib to svn:externals.
(edit) @12495   10 years gb Un-wedge MAKE-SCROLLING-TEXTVIEW-FOR-PANE (wrong frame origin, was …
(edit) @12494   10 years gb Separate #+/#-cocotron versions of #/initWithString:, for now. I have …
(edit) @12493   10 years gb Cocotron conditionalization; needs smoke-testing on OSX.
(edit) @12492   10 years gb Work around missing Cocotron functionality.
(edit) @12491   10 years gb Work around missing Cocotron functionality.
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