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    131131        open the <link linkend="section_inspector_window">Inspector
    132132          window</link>.</para>
     134      <sect3>
     135        <title>Checking for Updates</title>
     136        <para>At the bottom of the Lisp menu is an item entitled
     137        "Check for Updates". If your copy of &CCL; came from the
     138        Clozure Subversion server (which is the preferred source), and
     139        if your internet connection is working, then you can select
     140        this menu item to check for updates to your copy of
     141        &CCL;.</para>
     143        <para>When you select "Check for Updates", &CCL; uses the svn
     144        program to query the Clozure Subversion repository and
     145        determine whether new updates to &CCL; are available. (This
     146        means that on Mac OS X versions earlier than 10.5, you must
     147        ensure that the Subversion client software is installed before
     148        using the "Check for Updates" feature. See
     149        the <ulink url="http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Subversion-on-Mac-OS-X">wikiHow
     150        page</ulink> on installing Subversion for more information.)
     151        If updates are available, &CCL; automatically downloads and
     152        installs them. After a successful download, &CCL; rebuilds
     153        itself, and then rebuilds the IDE on the newly-rebuilt
     154        Lisp. Once this process is finished, you should quit the
     155        running IDE and start the newly built one (which will be in
     156        the same place that the old one was).</para>
     158        <para>Normally, &CCL; can install updates and rebuild itself
     159        without any problems. Occasionally, an unforeseen problem
     160        (such as a network outage, or a hardware failure) might
     161        interrupt the self-rebuilding process, and leave your copy of
     162        &CCL; unusable. If you are expecting to update your copy of
     163        &CCL; frequently, it might be prudent to keep a backup copy of
     164        your working environment ready in case of such
     165        situtations. You can also always obtain a full, fresh copy of
     166        &CCL; from Clozure's repository..</para>
     167      </sect3>
    133168    </sect2>
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