Jun 27, 2008, 6:28:43 PM (12 years ago)

Made loading a file not forget encapsulations. (The old behavior can be
restored by setting ccl::*loading-removes-encapsulation* to true).

Added new keyword arg to ADVISE - :dynamic-extent-arglist, if true, declares the
advised arglist to be dynamic-extent, this can be used to minimize runtime
consing when the advice form doesn't save the arglist outside the dynamic extent
of the invocation.

Changed how encapsulation (i.e. tracing and advising) of generic functions
works. Before, the encapsulating function would be installed as the dcode and
then try to guess what the gf code used to do in order to invoke the original
dcode. Now, we just save a copy of the original gf code and jump to it. This
way encapsulation is isolated from having to know details of how the dcode and
the gf interact.

Made (setf %gf-dcode) also update the GF function code to match the dcode. This
is now the only place that has knowledge of how to do that.

register-dcode-proto for %%1st-arg-dcode and %%nth-arg-dcode, since *gf-proto*
is no longer the default.

Also while in there, I consolidated and rearranged some of the encapsulation
recording, hopefully without introducing too many bugs (or at least none that
will be hard to fix).

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