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    r8427 r9196  
     1ClozureCL 1.2
     4Welcome to the first ClozureCL (aka OpenMCL) release in about 2.5 years!
     5(There have been a lot of 1.1-prerelease snapshots in that time frame,
     6and there's been a lot of development activity; hopefully, it'll be
     7a little easier for people who wish to use a relatively stable version
     8to do so and still make it easy for those who want to track the bleeding
     9edge of development to do so.)
     11[In the fall of 2007, Alice Hartley of Digitool announced that MCL (the
     12commercial product from which OpenMCL was derived) would be opensourced.
     13In order to reduce potential confusion between the new "open MCL" and
     14"OpenMCL" - and to coincidentally make the primary implementation package
     15and default installation directory name ("ccl") meaningful again - we
     16decided to rename OpenMCL to "Clozure CL" (or "CCL").  There are still
     17references to the old name in URLs, bits and pieces of the lisp itself,
     18mailing lists, and elsewhere.]
     23Documentation is available online at:
     27A recent version of the HTML documentation is also included in the
     28distribution, along with the DocBook source from which it's derived.
     29These release notes describe some important recent (for some value
     30of "recent") changes.
     32CVS out, SVN in:
     35Until the spring of 2007, ClozureCL used CVS for revision control;
     36tar archives for the 1.0 release and 1.1 snapshots contained CVS
     37metainformation, and it was generally possible to use "cvs update"
     38and related commands to update an installation to the latest version.
     40At that time, we switched to using the Subversion ("SVN") revision
     41control system, but continued to mirror the main line of development
     42in CVS (to the extent that this was possible, given some limitations
     43of CVS.)
     45This release is entirely SVN-based and makes use of Subversion features
     46that can't be supported in CVS. Subversion clients are widely available
     47for all platforms that ClozureCL runs on:
     49 - FreeBSD and Linux users will likely find that subversion packages
     50   are readily available through their distribution's package management
     51   systems.
     53 - 'svn' is preinstalled on OSX Leopard
     55 - OSX Tiger users can install Subversion via Fink or MacPorts, or
     56   look at <> for other
     57   options.
     59It should be possible to use GUI svn clients if you prefer.
     61Note that the tar archives that contain ClozureCL distributions
     62contain svn metainformation that assumes the use of a version 1.4 or
     63later svn client; the format of some of that metainformation isn't
     64understood by older clients.  If you have an older client (and can't
     65install something more up-to-date), you ignore the tarballs and just
     66check out the full CCL distribution (sources, binaries, interfaces
     67...) via svn.
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