Apr 9, 2008, 11:48:46 PM (13 years ago)

Add CCL:TEST-CCL - runs the gcl test suite (checking it out into ccl:tests;
if necessary). This will print out a bunch of warnings early on (for now),
then sit there for a while (about 3 mins on a MacBook? Pro) and finally
report "No tests failed".

Propagate assorted small fixes from trunk:

r8996 - fix case of spurious defvar warning
r9027 - check arg count before deciding to use builtin-call
r9046 - small fix for ~@:C
r9047 - report a TYPE-ERROR when make-broadcast-stream is given a non-output-stream
r9048 - Make make-file-stream rejected wildcarded pathnames. Various tweaks to make

meta-. work when using pathnames relative to the file system's "current directory".

r9049 - make defclass check for illegal class options
r9052 - Don't constant-fold if arg count is obviously wrong.
r9059 - Try harder to do function calls as function calls when (OPTIMIZE (SAFETY 3))

is in effect.

r9060, r9061 - CTYPE-SUBTYPE: try harder in some cases.
r9068, r9069, r9103, r9104 - PPC2-REF-SYMBOL-VALUE: force boundp checks unless

*ppc2-reckless* (same policy as x86; the per-thread binding lookup is generally
more expensive than boundp trap these days.). Unless skipping boundp check, don't
ignore unused result (so we can error when safety is 3, mostly.)

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  • branches/working-0711/ccl/level-1/l1-pathnames.lisp

    r7469 r9117  
    383383  ;; Note that %component-match-p is case sensitive.  Need a
    384384  ;; case-insensitive version for hosts.
    385   (or (string-equal path-host wild-host)
    386       (%component-match-p path-host wild-host)))
     385  ;; In addition, host components do not support wildcards.
     386  (or (eq path-host wild-host)
     387      (and (stringp path-host)
     388           (stringp wild-host)
     389           (string-equal path-host wild-host))))
    388391(defun pathname-match-p (pathname wildname)
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