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    142142      There is no attempt to make these calls correspond to Lisp
    143143      idioms, such as <literal>setf</literal>.  This means that their
    144       behaviour is simple and predictable.</para>
     144      behavior is simple and predictable.</para>
    145145    <para>For working with environment variables, there are
    146146      CCL::GETENV and CCL::SETENV.</para>
    250250        pool is sent a &ldquo;-release&rdquo; message, which causes it
    251251        to send &ldquo;-release&rdquo; messages to all of the objects
    252         that've been added to it.</para>
     252        that have been added to it.</para>
    253253      <para>If the current thread doesn't have a current autorelease
    254254        pool, the attempt to autorelease any object will result in a
    264264        default autorelease pool; there are REPL colon-commands for
    265265        manipulating the current listener's &ldquo;toplevel
    266         auturelease pool&rdquo;.</para>
     266        autorelease pool&rdquo;.</para>
    267267      <para>In the current scheme, every time that Cocoa calls lisp
    268268        code, a lisp error handler is established which maps any lisp
    289289          <title>Acknowledgement</title>
    290290      <para>The Cocoa bridge was originally developed, and
    291         generously contributed by, Randal Beer.</para>
     291        generously contributed by, Randall Beer.</para>
    292292    </sect2>
    293293  </sect1>
    321321      OS X 10.3.6.  This is inconvenient when you wish to distribute an
    322322      application you have built this way.</para>
    323     <para>Work in this direction is ongoing.  It is worth looking at the project
    324       "Bosco", by Mikel Evins, which is a template that can be used to build
    325       application bundles in a different way.  It is
    326       available here, as part
    327       of the "Clotho" project, and there is
    328       here.</para>
    329323    <para>When an image which had contained ObjC classes (which are also
    330324      CLOS classes) is re-launched, those classes are "revived": all
    10481042                      <listitem>
    10491043                        <para>either a string which represents the name of the
    1050                           selector or a list which describ+es the method's return
     1044                          selector or a list which describes the method's return
    10511045                          type, selector components, and argument types (see below.)
    10521046                          If the first form is used, then the first form in the body
    11231117                      <para>a list of alternating keywords and variable/type specifiers,
    11241118                        where the set of keywords can be mapped to a selector string for a
    1125                         parameteriezed method according to the standard name-mapping
     1119                        parameterized method according to the standard name-mapping
    11261120                        conventions for method selectors and each variable/type-specifier is
    11271121                        either a variable name (denoting a value of type :ID) or a list whose
    11561150              <para>Their default treatment by the #\; reader macro is the primary way
    1157                 in which #\Return and #\Linefeed differ syntactally; by extending the
     1151                in which #\Return and #\Linefeed differ syntactically; by extending the
    11581152                #\; reader macro to (conditionally) treat #\Return as a
    11591153                comment-terminator, that distinction is eliminated. This seems to make
    12031197              <para>When specified as :INFERRED and the file is open for input, the
    1204                 first bufferful of input data is examined; if a #\Return character
     1198                first buffer-full of input data is examined; if a #\Return character
    12051199                appears in the buffer before the first #\Linefeed, the file stream&#39;s
    12061200                external-format is set to :MACOS; otherwise, it is set to :UNIX.</para>
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