Mar 3, 2008, 9:30:29 PM (13 years ago)

Assorted code coverage fixes:

  • stop using the 'function-source-note property of lfun-info, conflicts with meta-. and was problematic anyway. Pass function entry note directly through nx1-lambda on.
  • be more careful about tracking macroexpansions/transformations in a number of places, one interesting change being to add note-source-transformation to allow macros to report unusual transformations, and make defgeneric use it for :method's.
  • be more careful about tracking parent/child code note relationships in various ways.
  • Better handling of nested functions.
  • Better handling of inlining (or rather, better avoidance of screws caused by inlining, actual code coverage info for inlining still not available).
  • Assorted fixes in code coverage reporting, account for internal functions, ensure coloring outside-in, default :statistic to T.
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