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Some minor updates, primarily changingv version numbers from 1.3 to 1.4.
Hey, it's only 5 months late.

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    1616  <sect1 id="releases"><title>Releases and System Requirements</title>
    18     <para>Version 1.3 is the latest stable release of &CCL; as of April
    19     2009.</para>
    21    <para>Version 1.3 is available for seven platform configurations:</para>
     18    <para>As of this writing, &CCL; 1.4 is the latest release; it was
     19    made in October 2009.  For up-to-date information about releases,
     20    please see <ulink url=""/>.
     21    </para>
     23   <para>&CCL; runs on the following platforms:</para>
    2224    <itemizedlist>
    2325      <listitem>
    24         <para>Linux on PowerPC (32-bit and 64-bit implementations)</para>
     26        <para>Linux (x86, x86-64, ppc32, ppc64)</para>
    2527      </listitem>
    2628      <listitem>
    27         <para>Mac OS X on PowerPC (32-bit and 64-bit implementations)</para>
     29        <para>Mac OS X 10.4 and later (x86, x86-64, ppc32, ppc64)</para>
    2830      </listitem>
    2931      <listitem>
    30         <para>Linux on x86 (32-bit and 64-bit implementations)</para>
     32        <para>FreeBSD 6.x and later (x86, x86-64)</para>
    3133      </listitem>
    3234      <listitem>
    33         <para>Mac OS X on x86 (32-bit and 64-bit implementations)</para>
     35        <para>Solaris (x86, x86-64)</para>
    3436      </listitem>
    3537      <listitem>
    36         <para>FreeBSD on x86 (32-bit and 64-bit implementations)</para>
    37       </listitem>
    38       <listitem>
    39         <para>Solaris on x86 (32-bit and 64-bit implementations)</para>
    40       </listitem>
    41       <listitem>
    42         <para>MS Windows XP and later on x86 (32-bit and 64-bit implementations)</para>
     38        <para>Microsoft Windows XP and later (x86, x86-64)</para>
    4339      </listitem>
    4440    </itemizedlist>
    46     <para>A 64-bit version of &CCL; requires a 64-bit processor
    47       running a 64-bit OS variant.</para>
    49     <para>Additional platform-specific information is given in the
    50       following subsections.</para>
    52     <para>Older versions are still available for downloading as
    53     tarballs.  Version 1.0 was a stable version released in late 2005.
    54     Version 1.1 was under active development until late 2007.  A final
    55     1.1 release was never made.  It was distributed as a series of
    56     development "snapshots" and CVS updates.  1.1 snapshots introduced
    57     support for x86-64 platforms, internal use of Unicode, and many
    58     other features, but were moving targets.  Version 1.2 was a stable
    59     version released in April 2008.</para>
    6142    <!-- ***************************************************** -->
    8970    <sect2 id="macosx"><title>Mac OS X (ppc and x86)</title>
    91       <para> &CCL; runs under Mac OS X versions 10.4 and 10.5.
     72      <para> &CCL; runs under Mac OS X versions 10.4 and later.  Post-1.4
     73      versions will require at least 10.5.
    9274      </para>
    94       <para>64-bit versions of &CCL; require 64-bit processors
     76      <para>64-bit versions of &CCL; naturally require 64-bit processors
    9577      (e.g., a G5 or Core 2 processor).  Some early Intel-based Macintoshes
    9678      used processors that don't support
    9880      the 32-bit &CCL; will.
    9981      </para>
    101       <para>&CCL; hasn't been tested under Darwin proper, but
    102         &CCL; doesn't intentionally use any Mac OS X features beyond
    103         the Darwin subset and therefore it seems likely that &CCL;
    104         would run on Darwin versions that correspond to recent Mac OS X
    105         versions.</para>
    106     </sect2>
     82    </sect2>
     83    <sect2 id="windows"><title>Microsoft Windows</title>
     84    <para>
     85      At the moment, the 32-bit &CCL; does not run under 64-bit Windows.
     86    </para>
     87    </sect2>
    10888  </sect1>
    133113         After that you can double-click the Clozure CL application found
    134114         inside the ccl directory.  The disk images are available at
    135          <ulink url=""/> </para>
     115         <ulink url=""/> </para>
    137117      <para>So that &CCL; can locate its source code, and for other
    156136      latest, or a specific version of &CCL;, unless you prefer
    157137      the Mac Way.  Subversion is a source code control system that is
    158       in wide usage.  Most modern OSes come with Subversion
     138      in wide use.  Many OSes come with Subversion
    159139      pre-installed. A complete, buildable and runnable set of &CCL;
    160140      sources and binaries can be retrieved with a single Subversion command.
    191171        <para>Release versions of &CCL; are intended to be stable.  While
    192172        bugs will be fixed in the release branches, enhancements
    193         and new features will go into the trunk.  To get the 1.3 release
     173        and new features will go into the trunk.  To get the 1.4 release
    194174        of &CCL; type:</para>
    195175        <programlisting>
    196176          <![CDATA[
    197 svn co]]>
     177svn co]]>
    198178        </programlisting>
    238218        <para>
    239           If you don't have a C compiler toolchain installed, the
     219          If you don't have a C compiler toolchain installed,
    240220          <literal>rebuild-ccl</literal> will not work.  Please
    241221          refer to <xref linkend="building-ccl-from-source"/> for
    272252    <sect2 id="obtaining-via-tarballs"><title>Tarballs</title>
    273253      <para>Tarballs are available at <ulink
    274       url=""/>.  Download and extract
     254      url=""/>.  Download and extract
    275255      one on your local disk.  Then edit the &CCL; shell script to set
    276256      the value of <varname>CCL_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY</varname> and start
    336316            wherever you usually set environment variables.  If there
    337317            is an existing definition of the variable, the ccl
    338             script will not override it. The shell script sets a local
    339             variable (<literal>OPENMCL_KERNEL</literal>) to the
    340             standard name of the &CCL; kernel approprate for the
    341             platform, as determined by 'uname -s'. You might prefer to
    342             set this variable manually in the shell script.</para>
     318            script will not override it.
     319          </para>
    343320        </listitem>
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