Changeset 12339

Jul 1, 2009, 4:37:47 PM (11 years ago)

Merge source location and code coverage implementation from the trunk. Some of the effects include:

  • make source notes take up less space
  • for code coverage, don't use with-code-coverage in pass2, therefore less impact on produced code.
  • accept method-function's in source location lookup
  • fix some cases that caused function source notes to not get recorded
  • record source files if source locations recording is not on.
  • record source locations in compile-time eval-when's.
  • better tracking of source notes through file compilation in some cases.
  • restore *fasl-eof-forms* support.
  • export a source-note API instead of converting to plists
  • only count emitted notes in cover coverage form totals
  • code coverage now more often has the source note for the whole definition.

Added :CCL-1.4 to *features*, to allow swank to be conditionalized for these changes (which will be part of CCL's 1.4 release)

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