Changeset 11855

Mar 28, 2009, 4:44:12 AM (12 years ago)

Merge r11810 (fixes to various format/warn/etc. calls).

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  • trunk/source/compiler/X86/x86-backend.lisp

    r10753 r11855  
    263263                                    (if (not (or disp base index))
    264264                                      (setq disp (simplify-simple-operand head))
    265                                       (error "~s not expected in ~s" op)))))
     265                                      (error "~s not expected in ~s" head op)))))
    266266                               (if (and (null (cdr form))
    267267                                        (or disp base index))
    272272                                 (if (not (or disp base index))
    273273                                   (setq disp (simplify-simple-operand head))
    274                                    (error "~s not expected in ~s" op))))))))
     274                                   (error "~s not expected in ~s" head op))))))))
    275275                     (simplify-operand (op)
    276276                       (cond ((atom op)
  • trunk/source/compiler/X86/x86-lap.lisp

    r10942 r11855  
    670670            (if (eq f form)
    671671              (setq seg (svref x86::*x86-seg-entries* (x86::reg-entry-reg-num r)))
    672               (error "Segment register ~s not valid in ~s" form))
     672              (error "Segment register ~s not valid in ~s" head form))
    673673            ;; Some other register.  Assume base if this is the
    674674            ;; first gpr.  If we find only one gpr and a significant
  • trunk/source/compiler/vreg.lisp

    r3198 r11855  
    282282               (when result-p (note-vinsn-sets-gpr vinsn vreg-value)))))
    283283          (unless (or (eq class 't) (vreg-ok-for-storage-class vreg class))
    284             (warn "~s was expected to have storage class matching specifier ~s" class))
     284            (warn "~s was expected to have storage class matching specifier ~s" vreg class))
    285285          (when value
    286286            (if (atom value)
  • trunk/source/level-1/l1-clos-boot.lisp

    r11409 r11855  
    683683  (when declarations
    684684    (unless (list-length declarations)
    685       (error "~s is not a proper list")))
     685      (error "~s is not a proper list" declarations)))
    686686  ;; Fix APO, lambda-list
    687687  (if apo-p
  • trunk/source/level-1/l1-error-system.lisp

    r11729 r11855  
    988988                             (if (= 1 (length other-functions))
    989989                               (format s "Apply ~s to ~S this time." (first other-functions) args)
    990                                (format s "Apply one of ~{~S or ~} to ~S this time.")))
     990                               (format s "Apply one of ~{~S or ~} to ~S this time."
     991                                       other-functions args)))
    991992                   :interactive (lambda ()
    992993                                  (if (= 1 (length other-functions))
  • trunk/source/lib/macros.lisp

    r11766 r11855  
    27782778  (when (and prefixp per-line-prefix-p)
    27792779    (warn "prefix ~S and per-line-prefix ~S cannot both be specified ~
    2780            in PPRINT-LOGICAL-BLOCK")
     2780           in PPRINT-LOGICAL-BLOCK" prefix per-line-prefix)
    27812781    (setq per-line-prefix nil))
    27822782  `(let ((*logical-block-p* t))
  • trunk/source/lib/method-combination.lisp

    r11347 r11855  
    684684        (:most-specific-last)
    685685        (:most-specific-first (setf (car res-tail) (nreverse (car res-tail))))
    686         (t (error "~s is neither ~s nor ~s" :most-specific-first :most-specific-last)))
     686        (t (error "~s is neither ~s nor ~s" (car o-tail) :most-specific-first :most-specific-last)))
    687687      (when (car r-tail)
    688688        (unless (car res-tail)
  • trunk/source/library/loop.lisp

    r11805 r11855  
    19451945  (cond ((or (cdr prep-phrases) (not (member (caar prep-phrases) '(:in :of))))
    19461946         (loop-error "Too many prepositions!"))
    1947         ((null prep-phrases) (loop-error "Missing OF or IN in ~S iteration path.")))
     1947        ((null prep-phrases) (loop-error "Missing OF or IN in iteration path." )))
    19481948  (let ((ht-var (loop-gentemp 'loop-hashtab-))
    19491949        (next-fn (loop-gentemp 'loop-hashtab-next-))
  • trunk/source/tools/defsystem.lisp

    r2734 r11855  
    25752575           ;; symbols, wherever the system is named.
    25762576           (when (foreign-system-p system)
    2577              (warn "Foreing system ~S cannot be reloaded by MK:DEFSYSTEM.")
     2577             (warn "Foreign system ~S cannot be reloaded by MK:DEFSYSTEM." system)
    25782578             (return-from find-system nil))
    25792579           (let ((path (compute-system-path system-name definition-pname)))
    25972597     (or (unless *reload-systems-from-disk* (get-system system-name))
    25982598         (when (foreign-system-p (get-system system-name))
    2599            (warn "Foreign system ~S cannot be reloaded by MK:DEFSYSTEM.")
     2599           (warn "Foreign system ~S cannot be reloaded by MK:DEFSYSTEM." system-name)
    26002600           (return-from find-system nil))
    26012601         (or (find-system system-name :load-or-nil definition-pname)
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