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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
bin 3787   14 years gb new file.
cocoa-ide 12172   11 years gb Update the URL and associated text in the About box contents.
compiler 12163   11 years gz Tweaks for type warnings from r12158/r12159/r12160: don't warn about …
doc 12096   11 years gz ugh, try to use standard dictionary format
examples 12153   11 years gb Wrap an (EVAL-WHEN (:COMPILE-TOPLEVEL) around the OPTIMIZE declamation.
l1-fasls 3787   14 years gb new file.
level-0 12074   11 years rme %FF-CALL, %DO-FF-CALL: Try to correctly handle 64-bit return values.
level-1 12175   11 years gb Bump minor version.
lib 12167   11 years gb Set *batch-flag* based on kernel global value early in startup process …
library 12152   11 years gb conditionalize for x8632
lisp-kernel 12137   11 years gb Fix some windows-specific typos.
objc-bridge 12174   11 years gb Export *OBJC-DESCRIPTION-MAX-LENGTH*, default it to 1024 (truncate …
scripts 11954   11 years rme When trying to figure out a suitable CCL_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY, try the …
tools 11855   11 years rme Merge r11810 (fixes to various format/warn/etc. calls).
xdump 11529   11 years gb Bump image version; new binaries soon.
.cvsignore 63 bytes 7669   13 years gb ignore .app skeletons
ChangeLog 0 bytes 7372   13 years gb Regenerated
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