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1This directory contains various third-party system-building tools.
3It is possible that more recent versions of this software may be
4availabe from the web sites of the originating projects.
6"asdf.lisp" is Another System Definition Facility.  It is available
7from <>.  It hooks into CCL's
8existing CL:REQUIRE function.
10"defsystem.lisp" is part of the clocc project on SourceForge:
11<>.  It's a "system definition
12facility" which provides functionality similar to that offered by the
13Unix "make" program.  It was originally written by Mark Kantrowitz and
14has been maintained and enhanced by many people; I believe that Marco
15Antoniotti was the last maintainer.  This is version 3.4i of DEFSYSTEM
16(which is often called "MK-DEFSYSTEM").  Note that, for historical
17reasons, DEFSYSTEM will try to redefine the CL:REQUIRE function.
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