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Check in the gcl ansi test suite (original, in preparation for making local changes)

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1;;; Tests of symbols
2(compile-and-load "cl-symbols-aux.lsp")
3;; (load "cl-symbol-names.lsp")  ;; moved to gclload1.lsp
4(load "cl-symbols.lsp")
5(load "symbolp.lsp")
6(load "keywordp.lsp")
7(load "make-symbol.lsp")
8(load "copy-symbol.lsp")
9(load "gensym.lsp")
10(load "gentemp.lsp")
11(load "symbol-function.lsp")
12(load "symbol-name.lsp")
13(load "boundp.lsp")
14(load "special-operator-p.lsp")
15(load "makunbound.lsp")
16(load "set.lsp")
17(load "remprop.lsp")
18(load "get.lsp")
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