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Check in the gcl ansi test suite (original, in preparation for making local changes)

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1;;; Uncomment the next line to make MAKE-STRING and MAKE-SEQUENCE
2;;; tests require that a missing :initial-element argument defaults
3;;; to a single value, rather than leaving the string/sequence filled
4;;; with arbitrary legal garbage.
5;; (pushnew :ansi-tests-strict-initial-element *features*)
7#+allegro (setq *enclose-printer-errors* nil)
9;;; Remove compiled files
10(let* ((fn (compile-file-pathname "doit.lsp"))
11       (type (pathname-type fn))
12       (dir-pathname (make-pathname :name :wild :type type))
13       (files (directory dir-pathname)))
14  (assert type)
15  (assert (not (string-equal type "lsp")))
16  (mapc #'delete-file files))
18(load "gclload1.lsp")
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