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Last change on this file since 14841 was 14406, checked in by gb, 10 years ago

Start to bootstrap a change which uses "normal" acode operators to represent
T and NIL, rather than semi-magic tokens *NX-T* and *NX-NIL*. (We want to
do displacing/destructive operations on acode forms, even those representing
T and NIL.) This will require more bootstrapping and new images soon.

In the x86 backend, don't "punt" variables in X862-SEQ-BIND if they're already
"punted". ("Punting" a variable that's bound to a simple expression and never
SETQed involves effectively replacing all references to it with references to
that simple expression.) Variable replacement/punting may happen in an earlier
pass, Real Soon Now.

Change the trunk's minor version number to 7, e.g., this is now 1.7-dev.

New images soon.

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1;;;-*-Mode: LISP; Package: CCL -*-
3;;;   Copyright (C) 2009 Clozure Associates
4;;;   Copyright (C) 1994-2001 Digitool, Inc
5;;;   This file is part of Clozure CL. 
7;;;   Clozure CL is licensed under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public
8;;;   License , known as the LLGPL and distributed with Clozure CL as the
9;;;   file "LICENSE".  The LLGPL consists of a preamble and the LGPL,
10;;;   which is distributed with Clozure CL as the file "LGPL".  Where these
11;;;   conflict, the preamble takes precedence. 
13;;;   Clozure CL is referenced in the preamble as the "LIBRARY."
15;;;   The LLGPL is also available online at
18(in-package "CCL")
20(defparameter *openmcl-major-version* 1)
21(defparameter *openmcl-minor-version* 7)
22(defparameter *openmcl-revision* "dev")
23;;; May be set by xload-level-0
24(defvar *openmcl-svn-revision* nil)
25(defparameter *openmcl-dev-level* nil)
27(defparameter *openmcl-version* (format nil "~d.~d~@[-~a~]~@[-r~a~] ~@[+~s~] (~@[~A: ~]~~A)"
28                                        *openmcl-major-version*
29                                        *openmcl-minor-version*
30                                        (unless (null *openmcl-revision*)
31                                          *openmcl-revision*)
32                                        (if (and (typep *openmcl-svn-revision* 'string)
33                                                 (> (length *openmcl-svn-revision*) 0))
34                                          *openmcl-svn-revision*)
35                                        *optional-features*
36                                        *openmcl-dev-level*))
41;;; end
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