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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN"
4<!ENTITY rest "<varname>&amp;rest</varname>">
5<!ENTITY key "<varname>&amp;key</varname>">
6<!ENTITY optional "<varname>&amp;optional</varname>">
7<!ENTITY body "<varname>&amp;body</varname>">
8<!ENTITY aux "<varname>&amp;aux</varname>">
9<!ENTITY allow-other-keys "<varname>&amp;allow-other-keys</varname>">
10<!ENTITY CCL "Clozure CL">
13<book lang="en">
14 <bookinfo>
15  <title>&CCL; Documentation</title>
16 </bookinfo>
17<!-- -->
18<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
19            href="about.xml"/>
20<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
21            href="install.xml"/>
22<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
23            href="build.xml"/>
24<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
25            href="using.xml"/>
26<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
27            href="ide.xml"/>
28<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
29            href="q-and-a.xml"/>
30<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
31            href="threads.xml"/>
32<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
33            href="sockets.xml"/>
34<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
35            href="external-process.xml"/>
36<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
37            href="streams.xml"/>
38<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
39            href="mop.xml"/>
40<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
41            href="ffi.xml"/>
42<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
43            href="objc-bridge.xml"/>
44<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
45            href="platform-notes.xml"/>
46<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
47            href="gc.xml"/>
48<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
49            href="implementation.xml"/>
50<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
51            href="modifying.xml"/>
52<xi:include xmlns:xi=""
53            href="glossary.xml"/>
55 <index id="Symbol-Index"><title>Symbol Index</title></index>
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