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1# -*- coding: unix -*-
2# Use xsltproc and an XSL stylesheet to translate DocBook XML to HTML
3# This require GNU "make", GNU "tar", Posix "find", Posix "date", and
4# "bzip2".  All those external dependencies are, of course, less than
5# ideal.
7# for Linux (Fedora; other distros may require some tweaking.)
9# The pathname to the xsltproc executable.  Since most alternate
10# translators use Java, this makefile would need to be rewritten to use
11# anything but xsltproc.
13XSLTPROC = /usr/bin/xsltproc
16# On a new system or when using a new version of xsltproc or of the
17# stylesheet packages, it's a good idea to run with --load-trace and
18# peruse the output to  make sure that none of the stylesheets are being
19# pulled over the network.  It's a significant expense, compounded by
20# the fact that they aren't cached across invocations of xsltproc.  If they
21# are, you should make sure that the correct catalog file is being used
22# (see below), and, if so, that its contents are correct.
23#EXTRAPARAMS= --load-trace
24EXTRAPARAMS= --xinclude --nonet
26# The catalog file tells the translator where to find XSL stylesheets on the
27# local system.  The first choice here is what should be used for builds
28# which are going to take place on the server.  The second is
29# for when you have installed docbook on OS X using the fink package manager.
30# If neither applies, comment both out, and the translator will automagically
31# look on the web for the stylesheets, instead.
34export XML_CATALOG_FILES = xsl/catalog-fedora
38include makefile-common
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