source: trunk/source/contrib @ 13560

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
rittweiler 13098   10 years gb Move contributed ccl/ccl64 shell scripts to contrib/rittweiler. …
foy 13064   10 years gfoy Accomodate anticipatory-symbol-complete.lisp
montuori 12620   10 years gz trivial-ldap contrib from Kevin Montuori
repenning 12621   10 years gz Anticipatory symbol completion contrib from Alex Repenning
krueger 13390   10 years plkrueger New contrib from Paul Krueger
baylis 12569   10 years rme eschew spaces in file names
huebner 13560   9 years rme Move advice-profiler from ccl:tools; to ccl:contrib;huebner;
paine 13162   10 years rme Update from …
perryman 13063   10 years rme Move finger example to contrib.
garret 13559   9 years ron Created a contrib directory for myself (Ron Garret)
README 280 bytes 12189   10 years gz Add a ccl:contrib; directory. We should probably move some of the …
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