source: release/1.8/source @ 15650

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
bin 13814   9 years rme Delete .cvsignore files since we no longer use CVS.
cocoa-ide 15284   8 years rme Restarts window fix from trunk.
compiler 15406   7 years rme Merge r15282 from trunk. Closes ticket:929.
doc 15171   8 years gb updated
examples 15240   8 years rme Delete some Android-related files from the 1.8 release branch. The …
l1-fasls 13814   9 years rme Delete .cvsignore files since we no longer use CVS.
level-0 15598   7 years gb propagate r15597 to 1.8. Fix ticket:1054 in 1.8
level-1 15486   7 years gb Propagate r15329 to 1.8.
lib 15275   8 years rme Merge r15252 from trunk. (See ticket:915)
library 15191   8 years gb Use a cast in the code that sets up errno_loc in the TCR. Revive …
lisp-kernel 15469   7 years gb Propagate r15468 and friends (work around more …
objc-bridge 15200   8 years rme Move the fake-cfbundle-path crud out of the Objective-C bridge directory.
scripts 14213   9 years gb Update comments, in case someone tries to read them someday.
tools 15207   8 years rme Update to ASDF 2.20.
xdump 15093   8 years gb New Linux ARM binaries. The image and FASL versions changed on the …
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