source: release/1.5/source @ 14261

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
bin 3787   14 years gb new file.
cocoa-ide 14226   9 years rme Merge r14224 (ATAN fixes) from trunk.
compiler 14257   9 years gb Add missing vinsn attrs, in 1.5 branch.
contrib 13646   9 years rme Merge r13631, r13636 from trunk. (Paul Krueger's updated …
doc 13574   9 years gb updated
examples 13474   10 years rme Make this example work again. #_IsProcessVisible seems to be …
l1-fasls 3787   14 years gb new file.
level-0 14226   9 years rme Merge r14224 (ATAN fixes) from trunk.
level-1 13902   9 years rme Revert r13894 and merge r13773: udp sockets only support :binary format.
lib 13667   9 years svspire Fixed very nasty bug where doing (inspect #'any-function-name) in …
library 13677   9 years gz r13676 from trunk (tweaks to match documentation)
lisp-kernel 14245   9 years rme Merge r14233 from trunk (don't use MAP_GROWSDOWN mmap option).
objc-bridge 13551   10 years rme Delete function run-in-cocoa-process-and-wait. (The function …
scripts 13416   10 years rme Don't bother with DD convenience variable, update some comments. Fixes …
tools 13560   9 years rme Move advice-profiler from ccl:tools; to ccl:contrib;huebner;
xdump 13279   10 years gb Lots of changes from "purify" branch, mostly involving: - new memory …
.cvsignore 63 bytes 7669   12 years gb ignore .app skeletons
ChangeLog 0 bytes 7372   12 years gb Regenerated
  • Property svn:ignore set to
  • Property svn:mergeinfo set to (toggle deleted branches)
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