source: branches @ 16374

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
1.1 9170   12 years gb move
1.2 8189   13 years gb move to trunk
1.2-devel 7983   13 years gb Be sure that UPDATE-CPL returns the CPL; some early/low-level classes …
1.7-appstore 15153   9 years rme Hackish script for building Mac App Store package.
1.7-ita 15107   9 years rme Add distinctive tag to version string.
1.8-appstore 15418   8 years rme Bump bundle version to 1.8.1 for the App Store's benefit.
1.9-appstore 16161   6 years rme Add this.
1.10-appstore 16266   6 years rme Merge a few trunk changes here.
acl2-egc 16374   5 years gb
acode-rewrite 16084   6 years gb ungarble use of :rcontext in nfp vinsns.
arith 14360   10 years gb make branch for compiler changes
arm 14118   10 years gb Enable -O2.
arm64 15550   8 years gb Move along, nothing to see here. Honest. Some the files (those that …
gb-egc 15841   7 years gb Adjust tenured_area->refidx if lowering heap start for static conses. …
ia32 9821   12 years rme CCL:TRUE, CCL:FALSE: keep return address out of the way while …
ide-1.0 6968   13 years mikel added code to test for swank autostart, and to support correction of …
initial 7   17 years anonymous This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'initial'.
lscan 16336   6 years gb Work-in-progress. No more non-volatile registers (saveN) on x8664. …
new-random 13326   11 years rme Change %mrg31k3p to use mark-as-imm/mark-as-node (which twiddle bits …
objc-gf 6167   13 years gb Convert to the new order. Try to isolate CGFLOAT issues by making the …
pinsn 16275   6 years gb Uh, checkpoint THIS.
purify 13276   11 years gb No release_readonly_area() on PPC, either.
qres 14316   10 years rme Merge r14315 from trunk.
rme-fpe 13951   10 years rme Merge changes from trunk.
rme-logops 13886   10 years rme Dump some new functions that turn out to be redundant.
tfe 6564   13 years gb Started to do some lambda-list stuff, but need more environment support.
win64 10603   12 years gb Updated kernel and image.
working-0709 7379   13 years gb Change the order in which areaa are written to image file. "Nilreg …
working-0710 7783   13 years palter Remove extra close paren
working-0711-perf 9712   12 years gb Use the wrapper (not the class) to determine applicability in …
x8664-call 6455   13 years gb Bump image abi version.
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