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     1= Installing OpenMCL Via MacPorts = 
     3[ MacPorts] is the Darwin branch of the FreeBSD ports system; i.e. a system that provides a standard means to get lots of misc. software ported, and then installed on your Darwin machine. (Darwin's the unix variant OS under Mac OS X). Originally named DarwinPorts, it was recently renamed to MacPorts. 
     5For Mac OS X users MacPorts provides a large set of "package files" that can be used to easily install stuff, especially stuff that requires other (sometimes non-obvious) stuff. This is consequently a convenient way to install Openmcl. 
     7== Recipe == 
     9 1. Point your browser at the MacPorts [ download] directory. 
     10 1. Select the most recent Subversion directory. 
     11 1. Grab the appropriate (10.3 vs. 10.4) disk image for your version of Mac OS X. 
     12 1. Run the installer, which will create the base MacPorts installation. 
     13 1. Add /opt/local/bin to your path.  
     15The final step to '''OpenMCL''' bliss is to install the system, as follows: 
     18My Computer:~ usert $ sudo port install openmcl 
     20--->  Unpacking tgz archive for openmcl 1.0_0 
     21--->  Cleaning openmcl 
     22My Computer:~ usert$  
     25Another road to '''OpenMCL''' bliss is to install the [ PortAuthority] GUI, which can be used to install '''OpenMCL''' and any package dependencies. You can then find the '''OpenMCL''' entry in the list of packages and install. 
     27Things that may make you even happier: 
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